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Benjiman Harrison

No description

Jeylan Ramirez

on 15 May 2015

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Transcript of Benjiman Harrison

Benjiman Harrison
Early life
Benjiman Harrison was born in 1883 North,Bend Ohio.When Benjiman grew up his grandfather became president.His name was William Henry Harrison.And the great grandson of Benjiman Harrison, a signer of the Declaration of independence.Harrison attended farmer's college, where he met Caroline Scott.Then he transferred to Miami University in Oxford,Ohio.He then married Caroline Scott.He also had 3 brothers and 4 sisters.
When Benjiman Harrison went to his grandfathers library he read a lot and love spending hours in it.Two years before he went to Miami University he was a good student he graduated near his school in top of his class in 1852.Then Benjiman went to law school then to learn about law.
Benjiman Harrison was elected for president because he supported the Republican party for positions for genorous
pensions for vaterans for free black.Harrison was sworn into office March,4 1889.Among the major issues facing his adminastrasion of Civil war pensions and regulation of tariffs .
23 president
Benjimans Family
After Benjiman was a child he and his family moved to Indianapolis.Benjiman's wife name was Caroline Scott.Togehter they had 2 children Russel.B and Mary.S.But Caroline died in the White house at 6:30..So Benjiman married Caroline's niece.
By;Jeylan Ramirez
Popular foods and Popular songs to 1890 to 1894
One of the popular foods was peanut butter because it was developed by St.Louis doctor for patients bad teeth during Benjiman's time of president.The popular song was Going to Indiana.
Benjiman loved to hunt duck's for his hobbies and he also liked to take long walks to have space for himself.
-Benjiman's Harrison's presidency
-President reasearch.
One of the pets was a goat named Old Whiskeys.
And Benjiman Harrison also had some Breef dogs.
Benjimans slogan is
Rejuvenated Republicanism
His dad's name was Josiah Franklin and his mother was Elizabeth Franklin.
Interesting facts
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