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Clicue IT Solutions Pvt Ltd

on 2 August 2014

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Transcript of Steadfast_Products_prezi

Steadfast Technology Services
Steadfast Technology Services private ltd. Is an Information Technology company based in Chennai, India with international experience in Enterprise IT projects. We have rich experience in Product development as well as service and consulting.

Established in 2003, we have completed over 60 engagements helping clients develop, customize and integrate a wide range of products and services. Our core technical competencies are Salesforce, Data Integration using custom or native tools and DotNet based development . We have successfully delivered projects to Customers in U.S.A, Australia and India. Steadfast is a reliable partner for application development to build business centric solutions that can address different enterprise needs.
Salesforce (S2S)
• We will work closely with your team to Understand the existing business process
• Understand User roles and Permissions
• Finalise license requirements
• Set up sales force CRM
• Provide effective end user and administrative training
COST = 3240 GBP
Salesforce setup:
Salesforce Customization:
• We can customize and personalize your Salesforce.com CRM solution according to your business needs.
• Email templates, workflows and approval processes will be created for business process automation.
• We will create effective custom reports and dashboards to give you better insight into your business.
• Our experienced consultants provide the fastest way to build custom cloud apps and Web sites.
Basic customisation pack:
Email Teamplates
Wf approval
Object customisation
Standard UI
COST =3600 GBP
Order To Billing (O2B) for Salesforce
( Our Partner Product )

Data Genie is a self-sufficient Data Integration tool built and maintained by Steadfast. Data Genie can be configured as a batch extraction/write or real time extraction/write utility. It can connect to a variety database , flat files and Queues.
Data Integration – Data Genie
Cost of data Genie = 15000 GBP
( license + 1 year 10 hr support + free upgrade for 1st year)
Cost of each flow = 1500 GBP
Cost of 8 flows = 12000 GBP
(1) Customer
(2) Item
(3) Item details
(4) Invoice
(5) Payments
(6) SO
(7) Customisation 1
(8) Customisation
Our professional .NET services are backed by a highly talented team of asp.net developers. Their area of expertise spans the length and breadth of custom web application development, which has helped them create highly functional and profitable solutions for our clients. The focus of our Microsoft .net development team is to offer tailor-made dot net solution within a stipulated time-frame and budget. This is why so many companies have chosen our company as their offshore partner for .Net development.

Our Dot Net applications are based on ASP.Net, C#, VB, VB .Net technologies. By using Dot Net services, you can build different business apps like custom applications, CRM, Portal development, Web product development, Re-engineering, Tool development, e-commerce website, WAP, etc.

Professional .Net Solutions
Medical Networking Portal

Task Management system

Online Evaluation system

Order commonality system

Medical consulting portal

Service Hunters

Black whisper website

Fuel Reservation system

Data Validator

Steadfast and DotNet Services:
Medical Laboratory

IT Project Management

Recruitment and Resourcing

Supply chain Management

Health Industry

Consumer vendor


Oil and Gas

Supply chain Management

ASP.NET 3.5,C# 3.0 SQL Server 2008
Telerik .Net controls Kentico CMS
Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5, Asp.net 3.5,C# 3.0, SQL Server 2008, Excel
Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5, Asp.net 3.5, C# 3.0, SQL Server 2008
Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5, Asp.net 3.5, C# 3.0, SQL Server 2008 DevExpress Controls, SpreadsheetGear,MSI
ASP.NET 3.5, C# 3.0, SQL Server 2008
Telerik .Net controls,MSI
ASP.NET 4.0, C# 4.0, SQL Server 2008
Telerik .Net controls,MSI
ASP.NET 3.5, C# 3.0,SQL Server 2008
NOPCommerce CMS
Vb.net 3rd party tools: Flash, Syncfusion controls
Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0, C# 2.0, XML
Syncfusion controls,MSI
Technical stack









Application Name
Product build COST = 12500 GBP ( For a 500 hour product delivery)
• We can seamlessly migrate your data from salesforce and other applications such as
Microsoft Dynamics CRM
• We have implemented both real-time and batch integrations.
COST = 2520 GBP
Salesforce Data Integration
Sage SalesLogix Bespoke systems
Flat files
Setup to Sell Pack-> Setup –> Customise –> Integrate -> Start Selling

Advanced customisation Pack:
web services ( external integration)
Visual force UI’s
3rd party tools int
Apexchange products
custom reports and dashboards
COST = 9000 GBP
Rating / Billing
Flexible Product Catalogue
Relationship Pricing
Subscription Change
Order Fullfillment
Billing Options
Usage Data Upload
Payment Options
Auto Payment
Auto email

Automated and flexible Prepaid or Post-paid service rating and billing
Bundle multiple Services, Items, Rates, One time charges
Customize the product pricing based on customer's need
Discount for plans and/or items for any period
Your customer can add or remove any plan or item any time
Manage fulfillment tasks, create predefined tasks, assign automatically, send alerts
Anniversary billing, pro-rating, advance billing
Metering can be done based on flat or tiered rates
Upload usage data automatically daily or monthly
Credit Card, Check, eCheck, and ACH
Charge credit cards automatically and send receipt to client
Manage Payment adjustment, disputes, Late fees and Refunds
Email Invoices automatically to the clients
Manage Payment Collections and delinquencies
100% customizable Invoice, Quote, and Receipt documents allowing full branding and additions like SEO, Marketing, Advertizing, and Customer Utilization analysis.

Options & Description
26000 GBP ( includes 200 hrs customization)
6 months to roll out
Integration Mode
Credentials Management

UI flexibility


Job Dependency
Ability to perform the Integration in Real time or batch mode.
Encrypted credentials management.
Ability to read data from Source systems using databases, file systems,XML and webservice
Ability to write to target systems using databases, file systems,XML and message queue
Standard transformation widgets such as Joiners, filter,Lookup and sorter.
Transformation rules, constants, mappings, are all parameterised and configurable with no code change
Parameterised and configurable email content that requires no code change.
Verbose data log that details the data set read, transformed and loaded
Reports error data in separate files and html links in log files for easy access.
Ability to re-run or resume from a break point in case of a stoppage or systems failure.
Web browser front end to monitor the load process
Web browser front end to view the log files
Web browser front end to view the error data file
Web browser front end to reload or resume jobs
Responsive UIs that allow access of the browser based screens from any mobile device – phones, tablets
Scheduling options a v a i l a b l e using Windows scheduler or with any market standard schedulers hence all jobs can be automated with no manual intervention.
Ability to chain job dependencies with nil coding.
Automated job status and error data emails to configured audience
Data Genie Costing
Professional .Net Solutions Services
Cost of Tool + 8 flows = 27,000 GBP
Customisation = 2700 GBP
Total = 29,700 GBP
Flow cost assumption is all the flows are medium complexity and takes 4 man days to develop and roll out.
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