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Economic Justice-Ch14

No description

Sam Buemi

on 6 August 2014

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Transcript of Economic Justice-Ch14

Who do we blame for
economic injustice?
Should we be equal?
To What Extent?
Income Inequality
Gap between
rich & Poor
Top 5%saw 81% increase
While 90% saw their wages flat line
or go
CEO's saw a rapid increase in income
Health Care
Problems include
Higher costs
Savings easily wiped out by
health insurance
Poor more
likely to be
Justice, Charity & Efficiency
Justice - not the same
as charity
Our economy is efficient but is it just?
2 Types of Justice
Process Distributive-
procedural, achieving any means
fairly, allocation
End State Distributive-
justice is the result of fair distribution
"Each according to his ability,
Each according to his own needs"
- Marx
Equal Opportunity
Is there an equal opportunity society?
Starting Gate Theory
see example on trained offspring
Should we focus on those who don't have enough to begin with?
Do we delude ourselves into
thinking we have equal chances of
Belief in not being constrained by others
Gov't minimal
Not concerned w/end -state
Free market
Econ. system where companies own & control most goods
Raw Materials
Free Market
Business is to maximize profits
End state process
Believe in positive rights
Modern Liberalism
public investment
stress importance of
families, social groups
Womens' income by 2004 were approx. 80 cents / 1 dollar a man makes
Economic Justice
Gov't own, controls public
ownership of land & production
Combined elements of liberalism, capitalism,
and socialism
Corp's should be guests
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