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HRM Central Government The Netherlands

No description

betty feenstra

on 10 October 2014

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Transcript of HRM Central Government The Netherlands

1. Central Government in numbers Central government employees (ex Defence):
Staff: +/- 123.000: highly educated

Education/ working level:
60% vocational level
35% bachelor & master level
5% management and experts

Evidence Based HRM:

1. Employee satisfaction survey
2. Bi-annual research (n=4000)
3. Strategic personnel planning/ HR analytics

2010: start of the Operational Management Academy (HRM, purchasing, facility management and housing etc.)
Central government academies on Law, Finances and Communication, some line ministries have their own academies
Expert Centre internal labor market
2. Collaboration & central HRM initiatives Recruiting campaign & website
Annual traineeship: 150 participants Common introduction program Annual spending Training & Development per employee
Digital mobility centre How to fill vacancies? Talent management & mobility
both horizontal and vertical steps
Bi-directional! Development and Mobility
Validation of prior learning for specific groups of employees
Re-training employees in ‘demanding jobs’
Possibility for a skill assessment and career planning
Development of experts: learning pathways

Minister of the Interior is responsible for 3 aspects regarding civil service:

- Terms of employment
- Quality of the civil service
- Acting as a good employer in a political environment

Collective Civil Service Labour Agreement
Line ministries are responsible for their own workforce:
1. Each ministry organises and executes HRM policies
2. Collaboration between ministries and central initiatives

3. Challenges Implementation HRM in Central Government - The Netherlands Contact? betty.feenstra@minbzk.nl
Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations
Personnel Policy of Central Gvernment Department
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