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Spring 2014 Convocation

No description

Jennifer Means

on 12 April 2016

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Transcript of Spring 2014 Convocation

Community Outreach
And the winner is...
Esther Anaya-Garcia Student Services Specialist

Customer Service
And the winner is...
Mary Jane Nichols
Interim Manager of Disabilities Services and Resources
Foster Team Building
And the winner is...
Green Efforts
And the winner is...
And the winner is...
And the winner is...
Student Success
And the winner is...
Lisa Lewis
Health Faculty
Valuing Diversity
And the winner is...
Christian Miller
Mathematics Faculty
Suzy Cutler
Supervisor Admissions Registration Records
Congratulations to all the nominees
Angie Acuna
Anna Espinoza
Brigida Banfelder
Bryan Clark
Chanda Fraulino
Christian Miller
Connie Greenwell
Crystal Cordova
Dana Jiang
David Fraedrich
Dawn Meyer
Debbie Leedy
Don Smith
Donna Allen
Esther Anaya-Garcia
Raymond Baesler
Renee Barstack
Rizwana Saeed
Robert Reavis
Roxanna Dewey
Scott Kozak
Sherri McClendon
Sou Meme Zhang
Steve Kadel
Susan Campbell
Suzy Cutler
Leander Witcher
Lisa Lewis
Lori Bush
Lori Walk
Louise Mandina
Luella Swain
Mari Licking
Mary Harris
Mary Jane Nichols
Mary Sindel
Mary Willoughby
Miriam Pack
Phil Mateer
Raechel Megahan
Gina Desai
Gwenn Ziegler
Heather Merrill
Heidi Cappriotti
Ibrahim Naim
Indira Pillalamarri
Jake Rutherford
Jeff Hynes
Jim Chapa
Joe Ranus
Joni Brummer
Justin Bruce
Kristina Miller
Laura Avila
Laura Dodrill

Heidi Capriotti
Coordinator of Media Relations Publications
Chanda Fraulino
Office Coordinator III
David Fraedrich
Enterprise Application Administrator
Scott Schulz, Dean of Instruction, Career and Technical Education

Adrienne Tabar, Director of Testing Services

Scott Vogland, Manager, Building Operations
New Employees
High Tech 1
Educating our Community, Ensuring our Future
Construction Updates
Performing Arts Center
Technology 3
Maricopa Priorities
It's Quiz Time
How well do you know your priorities?
Question #1
What area does Fitness & Wellness fall under?
Question #2
Who must approve your Assessment Report BEFORE submitting through District Canvas Site?
Question #3
What is the role of the Assessment Owner?
Question #4
Maricopa Priorities is one of several initiatives to help MCCCD achieve its mission and promote the Chancellor’s Three Pillars of Excellence:

1. Public Stewardship
2. ONE Maricopa
3. ????
Question #5
All Assessment Reports will be submitted to a District Canvas site. What is the Final Due Date for all reports?
"Who’s on First”
Steering Committee
Teresa Leyba-Ruiz & Gary Marrer
Instructional Programs Task Force
Chuck Jeffery, David Gerkin
Support Programs and Services Task Force
Dorene Kessler, Monica Castaneda
Come on Down!!!!
Friday, January 10, 2014
8:30 - 9:30 a.m.

The reception will be held in the new lobby.
Please enter through the Southeast door.
Technology 1
Grand Re-Opening
Alka Arora Singh
Chris Coughlin
Augustine Erpelding
Al Gonzales
Michelle Jackson
Kimberly Mathes
Heather Merrill
Isaiah Washington
Sagarika Dash
June Fessenden
Fernando Garcia
Pam Hall
LaDonna Lewis
Brenda Nelson
Scott Schulz
Kim Smith
Adrienne Tabar

Jose Aguinaga
Mary Blackwell
Don Davis
Cheryl Dellai
Tressa Jumps
Jennifer Means
Jackie Serna
Susan Tomaszewski
Spring 2014 Convocation
esources and
’s goal:|
To provide to the College President and the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) an up-to-date, strategically-aligned set of recommendations
- on budgetary requests and future College plans –
that will enable GCC to move intentionally and planfully into the future in ways that best and demonstrably meet the needs of our students and employees
Integrated Planning @ GCC
Strategic Planning
District Initiatives
Review strategic
, and fiscal/budgetary
reports; oversee budgetary request process
Charges of
Organize and provide budgetary request training for
members and interested requestors
Solicit, review, and evaluate budgetary requests; provide feedback
Recommend strategic resources utilization to President for annual budget expenditures and operational actions
Provide regular updates/communiqués to President and College-wide
Submittal Process
Scoring Process
A. Instructional Programs
B. Support Programs & Services
C. Both
A. The students
B. Your Supervisor/Chair/Manager
C. President Kovala
D. GCC Steering Team
A. Writer of the Assessment Report
B. Supervisor of the area being assessed
C. Evaluator of the Assessment Report
D. College President
A. Seamless Student Experience
B. A Stable IT Department
C. Fiscal Stability
D. Student Success
GCC turns 50!
Guiding Students

Categorization Process
Assessment Process
16 voting members:
José Aguiñaga (Faculty)
Mary Blackwell (Dean)
David Cost (Faculty)
Phil Fernandez (Chair of Chairs)
Kimberly Golis (MAT)
Rachelle Hall (Faculty/Assessment Director)
Michael Holtfrerich (Dean)
Steve Kadel (co-chair; Faculty Senate President)
Resource request submittal and review process now underway
Ongoing recommendations to be made to President/ELT
New/updated requests can be submitted any time during the academic year
IRPC thanks you for your time and efforts in support of student (and GCC’s) success!
And the answer is "C"
Explanation: Fitness & Wellness offers both academic courses and services to our students and community. Two assessment reports must be written to fully analyze the separate contributions made to the GCC Community. Similarly, the Counseling Department and Library will submit two assessment reports, as well.
And the answer is "B" = Your next immediate supervisor/dean/manager must approve your assessment report before it can be submitted to the District Canvas site. GCC’s internal due date to the Supervisor/Chair/Manager is Monday, April 7, 2014
And the answer is "A" - Writer of the Assessment Report
While there will be a designated Assessment Owner, it will take a team effort to complete the Assessment Report. Please work with your department and assist in the writing of your assessment report.
And the answer is "D" = Student Success
Student Success is at the core of our daily work, focusing all our efforts and resources to positively impact our students and community.
And the answer is "C" = May 2, 2014
All Final Reports are due on May 2nd to the District Canvas Site. The Report must first be given to your Supervisor/Manager/Chair for approval by APRIL 7th. GCC’s internal Final Due date is April 28th.
And the answer is "C" = Both

Fitness & Wellness offers both academic courses and services to our students and community. Two assessment reports must be written to fully analyze the separate contributions made to the GCC Community. Similarly, the Counseling Department and Library will submit two assessment reports, as well.
Question #6
All together…approximately how many Assessment Reports will be written by GCC colleagues?
And the answer is "C" = approximately 200
GCC has 77 Academic Prefixes, 25 CTE Clusters, and approximately 110 Support Programs & Services
A. March 2, 2014
B. April 2, 2014
C. May 2, 2014
D. June 2, 2014
A. 50
B. 100
C. 200
D. 400
Early Alert Reminder
A system designed to identify specific populations of students at risk of not completing their academic goals.
What is it? Why is it Important?
Intervention is the goal of an Early Alert system.
Identify and help mitigate or help the student work through the issue.
Community colleges must identify factors as mission critical
Faculty buy-in and involvement, proactive identification of at-risk students, and understanding the factors that lead students to drop out or stop out.

This spring, a cross-functional team of faculty and student affairs professionals will work on developing the EA system. As a faculty-driven system, two faculty are being recruited to lead the faculty side of the effort, along with leadership from student affairs professionals, for a robust system.
GCC Early Alert Status
Students identified by their declining grades, declining attendance, lack of participation, etc,
Behaviors that triggers a faculty member or student affairs professional to a potential issue.
Polly Laubach (Adj. Faculty)
Brenda Nelson (PSA)
Nicola Perry (MAT)
Jim Reed (Faculty)
Cindy Rosales (PSA)
Scott Schulz (Dean)
Scott Stroher (Faculty)
Isaiah Washington (MAT/Director - IT)
2 faculty-in-training (non-voting):
Ilder Betancourt Lopez and Shohreh Moshrefzadeh
2013-2014 IRPC Membership
6 resource personnel (non-voting):
Alka Arora Singh (Dean, Strat., Plng. & Accountability)
Augustine Erpelding (Interim Dir. of Business Services)
June Fessenden (Director of Human Resources)
Al Gonzales (Director – M&O)
Tressa Jumps (Director of Marketing)
Greg Rogers (co-chair; Vice President)
Spring 2013
Spring 2014
Percent Change
Spring 2014 Enrollment
In addition to the -199 FTSE in Fall, this would mean a reduction in operating budget of $473,925 in current fiscal year.
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