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Manufacturing Airbus A350 Flap Support Fairings (STRATA) _ Balqis Al Braiki

Airplane Section prezi template has nice infographic style. Where is our company flying to? Highlight your ideas!. All isolated elements are adjustable in this prezi! Available at prezzip.com

Your Prezis

on 19 October 2016

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Transcript of Manufacturing Airbus A350 Flap Support Fairings (STRATA) _ Balqis Al Braiki

take a seat...
at the window...
Manufacturing Airbus A350 Flap Support Fairings
Separate elements
Airplane Section prezi template has nice infographic style. Where is our company flying to? Highlight your ideas!. All isolated elements are adjustable in this prezi!
This prezi and many more available at:
STRATA Manufacturing PJSC (
) is a Private Join Stock Company

It was established in
as composite aero-structures manufacturing facility based in UAE (
Al Ain

STRATA is wholly owned by
, the Abu Dhabi-based investment and development company.

with some of the world’s leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) including:
Boeing, Airbus and Alenia
, as well as tier-one


STRATA manufacturing is building the industry around composite aero-structures and manufacturing airplanes parts from
composite material
PPM is the centralized management of the processes, methods, and technologies used by project managers and project management offices (PMOs).
Airbus A330 Aileron
FACC A330 Spoiler
FACC A330 Flap track fairing
Boeing 777 Ribs
RADER for Alenia
Boeing 787 Ribs
Airbus A350 Flap Support fairing
FACC A330 Spoiler
FACC A380 Flap track fairing
Sacred Cow & Competitive Necessity
Top management selected this project to take a new step and prove STRATA’s position in aerospace composite industry
Project Manager of A350 FSF Project
Project Integration Management
Mind Mapping &
Project Organization Breakdown Structure (OBS)
is followed because it is a combination of standalone projectized and functional organization structures
A350 FSF Resources Breakdown Structure (RBS)
Project Resources – RACI Matrix
A350 FSF Project Planning
Project phases of A350 FSF:
A350 FSF Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
Risk Management of A350 FSF Project
Risk Management – RACI Matrix
& Mission

To be a leader in advanced composite aero-structures and the partner of choice for our customers, driving the transformation of the global aerospace industry for Abu Dhabi, while delivering sustainable returns for our shareholder
Technology leadership, purposeful collaboration and high performing staff and processes, with an embedded quality and safety culture, to deliver innovative, integrated, value-added solutions for our customers
Risk Register
A350 FSF Project Stakeholder Management
A350 FSF Stakeholder Register & Analysis
Power-Interest Matrix of A350 FSF:
Stakeholder Register:
A350 FSF Project Communication Management
Developing a communication plan:
Stakeholder communication registers :
Communication Methods:
Knowledge Management System (Portal Interface):
A350 FSF Project Budget And Estimated Cost
A350 FSF Project Monitoring: Project Reviews
A350 FSF Project Control:
Daily Morning Meetings at Governance Area of the Project:
Go/No Go Control
Physical Asset & HR Control
Earned Value Analysis
A350 FSF Project Change Management
Project Scheduling
Gantt Chart:
Network Diagram
A350 FSF Project Quality Management
Quality of Supply Chain
Product Quality Traceability
Customer Satisfaction & Continual Improvement
A350 FSF Project Audit Life Cycle
A350 FSF Project Closing
In A350 FSF project the following items should be checked in the project closure phase:
Hand Over

Knowledge Capture

Project Team Member Evaluation

Project Closure Meeting
Group Members:
Balqis Mubarak Al Braiki 200907523

Ghubaisha Slayem Al Ameri 200907993

Naseefa Slayem Al Ameri 200715021
Project Charter
Carry-out the Manufacturing process of
500 A350 FSF for Airbus
within quality requirements

Meets the requirements of the A350 FSF work package.

The project should also be executed in compliance to General Requirements for Aerostructure Manufacturing Specifications (
Manufacturing FAI completion in February 2017.

Achieve full rate ramp up for assembly by January 2018.
needed in manufacturing A350 Flap support fairings are:
The total capital investment of the project is (AED
110 million

The project budget will cover staff time, Labor, material and other items for the duration of the project.
Decision Matrix
Project Manager
Thank You
Supervised By:
Dr. Aiman Ziout

Project Initiation

Project Planning

Project Execution

Project Monitoring & Controlling
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