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ocean habitat

No description

Ashley Vanderkuip

on 5 January 2015

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Transcript of ocean habitat

some plants and animals that live in the ocean are fish, plants, and some mammals. dolphins eat small fish which eats seaweed and minnows. minnows also eat seaweed and seaweed produces its on food.
my habitat is the ocean. it is found in the pacific, Atlantic and Arctic oceans. the climate can be o degrees Celsius and 90 degrees Fahrenheit .
main threats
The main threats are the humans because they have boats and they have gas and when they fill their boat up with gas they could spill and get the gas into the ocean and destroy there habitat
extra info
some more plants/living things are whales, sharks , clown fish, sea anemone, gorilla nipple,cleaner shrimp, pumping zeena blue/green chroemas, fairy rass , puffer fish, lion fish, cardinal tetra and maroon clown.
thanks!!!!! :)
thanks for listening to my prezi!!!!!!!!!!
how humans can use it
well humans can use the water to drink and clean there clothes. Also humans can swim it!
ocean habitat by Ashley
my habitat
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