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Untitled Prezi

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Meredith Secko

on 28 August 2018

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

The History of
My Life

By Ms. Montenare-Secko
Personal 1979
Personal 1980
Personal - 1981
Visit the state of Texas for the first time
to see my grandparents.
Born December 6, 1979, in Stony Brook Hospital.
Historical 1979
"Reach out and
touch someone."
I lived in Patchogue Medford, NY.
Historical - 1980
The video game, Pac Man, is released!
Personal 1989
I joined Girl Scouts
Historical - 1981
Lady Diana & Prince Charles get married.
Personal -1982
The perks of
being a twin!
Historical - 1982
Personal 1983
Enjoyed sledding
in the snow
Historical - 1983
Cabbage Patch Dolls!
My favorite...
Personal 1984
Getting better at swimming.
Historical - 1984
The movie rating PG-13 debut!
What made it PG-13?
A character tries to seduce a man

Taser-like weapons.

- 4 S***

- 1 Goddamn

- 1 Wiseass
- 1 A***
- 1 Pissing, Pissed
- 2 Hells

Some characters can be seen casually smoking and drinking

Ghosts and monsters appear in some scenes,

Personal 1985
Great Adventure!
Titanic wreckage
discovered on ocean
floor 70 years later.
Historical - 1885
Personal 1986
Historical 1986
73 seconds after take-off.,
the Challenger explodes.
Everyone around the
nation witnessed.
Moved to Shoreham, NY
Personal 1987
Entered Miller Avenue Elementary School
Historical - 1987

DNA First Used to Convict Criminals
Personal 1988
Historical 1988
Pan Am Flight 103 Is Bombed Over Lockerbie. A total of 270 people were killed. Terrorists were to blame.
Why am I crying?
Historical 1989

Berlin Wall falls - east and west Germany united.
The End!

Thanks for listening to my life!
I like coffee!
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