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Huang He Valley

No description

Paul Oppenheimer

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of Huang He Valley

Anyang - modern day
Major city
Silk - Very important. Still used today.
Water mills - power
Better paper
New type of pottery
Used bronze and iron
First Chinese writing
Great Wall of China
Rice paper
Yellow River Facts
Huang He Valley Yellow River
The culture of Huang He was the first Chinese culture. China originated from this valley. The father is the main authority in the family. They practiced Confucianism.
from: http://www.rivervalleycivilizations.com/yellow.php
The king ruled from a capital of
Anyang. There were several territories
which were ruled by warlords that the
king picked.
Sandiest river in the world
northern most river in china.
Males were the only people that could practice religion
Confucianism - belief in family and some virtues
Science book
105 E - 120 E
30 N - 45 N
longitude and
Silk road - trade route that stretched across Asia and onto the Great Wall. Very important for wealth.
Sold silk
Wealthy country
Used large rivers to transport themselves
The Yellow River is the 6th largest in world
They used the Yellow River for transportation
China - Asia
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