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Raising attainment for boys at Hillside Primary School

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on 12 November 2017

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Transcript of Raising attainment for boys at Hillside Primary School

Raising attainment of boys at Hillside Primary School
Real life maths diary

Launched in ACE this year to engage boys in maths-
'Maths-no problem' bear (Ernie) taken home and able to complete maths problems over the course of the week before bringing in the following week to feedback to the rest of the class. Activities completed have included counting up the Fifa scores and completing graphs, counting orders for parent's work (lorry drivers etc) or shopping and has proved to be a really effective way of applying maths outside of the classroom.
Raising attainment

Sumdog's free educational games motivate learners to practise maths- while you have full control over what they learn.
Students love playing Sumdog's multiplayer games against others worldwide - while their teachers keep control over the skills they work on.
As students play, the computer asks them questions, selected from hundreds of fine-grained skills, tailored to their individual needs.
Use of real life scenarios to inspire and later share writing- either through display in the school, class blogs or creating films using iMovie/ green screens.
Children to become creators and see an end result in their writing- a real purpose, beyond being kept in a book that only the teacher will see.
Alan Peate's sentence type rubric used to teach grammar objectives in a purposeful way.
Football Managers club
Launched this year at ACE to engage boys.
Lunchtime/after school club- invitation only.
Costing, advertising, pitching, writing accounts or interviews, blogging.
Pie Corbett's Talk4Writing
St Matthew's (Birmingham) 82% PPG achieved 87% combined ARE+ in 2016 SATs.
How do we get boys to 'love' reading?

Pie Corbett's Talk4Writing
In a large study of over 400,000 students from year 1 to year 6, it was revealed that among students whose decoding and vocabulary was developing normally, less than 1% displayed reading comprehension problems.
Issues with vocabulary, decoding or life experiences
Guided reading on a 2 week cycle:
Week a- reading for pleasure. Variety of materials including comics, annuals, reading on internet, self chosen books.
Week b- Vocabulary enrichment and comprehension activities daily.
Timetable reading for pleasure
Visible Learning
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