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No description

Jacqueline Polk

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of appositive

Appositive by: Jacqueline Polk, Daniecia Turner and Mikala Price An appositive usually sits next to
the noun it renames; in other words, it is "
positioned next to" that noun,
which is why it is said to be "in apposition" A noun or noun phrase placed next to another word or phrase to identify or rename it. Cleveland, my dad, drove me to school. The comma comes after the noun and after the appositive. The comma comes after the noun and after the appositive. The Correct Punctuation Our neighbor, Tim, is a talking bear. My wife, Donna Tubbs is one foxy woman. What an Appositive is NOT ? My wife,
Donna Tubbs,
is one foxy
woman. The CORRECT Way! Does not require commas. Restrictive Appositive My son Junior is over weight. Is separated by commas. Nonrestrictive Appositive Junior, my son, is over weight. Now we are going to show you all a rap
video about Appositives.
It has three girls in it trying
to make it funny by
defining and using examples. Work Cited Youtube.com.
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