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North London Literature Festival

No description

Annabel Arhin

on 25 August 2014

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Transcript of North London Literature Festival

"PR plays a role in assisting the organization to clarify its values and mission by helping to frame and test these internally and externally".

technical issues
access to technology

How to overcome this?

media platforms

"Finish the sentence story"
Create a viral video of the "story game"
Launched two weeks before the event
All media platforms (social media, Uni blog, Newspapers etc)

by Annabel, Gabrielle, Laura and Mariela
North London Literature Festival
What can go wrong:
Student Tuition is now £9000
Target audience is aimed towards students
Low budget event, students will think it is bad quality.

How to overcome this:
Free event
Charge for food and drinks.
Free University facilities

What can go wrong?

cultural barrier
students not interested
Author non-attendance

What can go wrong?
What can go wrong ?
How to overcome this ?
Explicit novels
Political themed literature
Familiarize the auditory with the topics
Give people informational leaflets
Create a buzz about this event among students as well as external audiences.

Barnet reporter - Daniel O'Brien
Tel: 020 8370 5474 or 020 3231 1124 - daniel.obrien@nlhnews.co.uk
Arts editor - Kim Inam
Tel: 020 8370 5475 - kim.inam@nlhnews.co.uk
Natalie O'Neill
07795 497327

Anna Slater
07795 223610
aslater@london.newsquest.co.uk @AnnaTimesSeries
(Theaker, 2012)
Public relations is all about reputation. It is the discipline which looks after reputation, with the aim of earning understanding and support and influencing opinion and behavior. It is the planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain goodwill and mutual understanding between an organization and its public's.
What is PR
Finish the sentence is a PR tool we used in the hopes that it would create a buzz for the event. what we did was asked students to finish the end of a sentence to complete a story with our guidance.

With this we created a viral video a week before the event with the story unfinished. We told them that they would have to come to the event to see how the story ends.

We believe this will engage our audience and will encourage them to come to the event.
Finish the sentence story game
Story Competition
Story competition was another PR tool we used to get people to come to the event.
The competition was for students to write a mini story.

Any story and the winner would get announced at the literature festival and we also suggested that there story would be published at the local newspaper.

This would encourage the audience to engage in the event and again will influence them to come, to see if they have won.
The competition at the event
One of the ways our audience would be intrigued by the festival is if the grove building where the festival will be held was to be decorated with the stories that people wrote. If we covered the room with their mini stories the guests could come in and read and be inspired by each written story.
Social media
How did we involve the Social media?
All updates and information was given out mainly via twitter. Furthermore people were able to tweet us about their concerns and we were able to get back to the cheaply and quickly.
Also twitter was one of the platforms we used to share our viral game finish the sentence.

And we let people know about the story competition.
QR Codes
nowadays everyone has a smart phone.so we decided to take advantage of this and create QR codes so that people that scan this code would able to see the literature festival website and be up to date with information.
The literature festival Facebook age has 387 page. We was able to get the stakeholders to discuss the upcoming events the authors that will be coming, and the competitions that will take place.
David Nicholls, Lesley Pearse and Yasmin Alibhai-Brown will be at this years North London Literary Festival in April.
The free festival will feature readings, publishing workshops, writing competitions and interviews with high profile writers.
As PR campaigners we thought that a good way to get people to come to the event was to promote popular authors that will be at the festival.

Popular authors
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