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QURE Water

No description

Samantha Su

on 4 April 2013

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Transcript of QURE Water

Presented by:
Antonio Bortolato
Kazuki Kuse
Hongli Wang(Stella)
Yujia Su(Samantha) CSR
and Future Investor B2B Communication prepare for the uncertainties Brainstorming The 1st stage The 2nd stage Crisis Management OUTLINE components of the plan may vary every time according to
different scenarios Follow up!
Increase website visibility through SEO

Organize an event using Social Media

Collaborate with influential YouTube personalities Implementation Use Search Engine Optimization Be on the first page of Google Hit the innovators first and then reach out to the majority Audience:
25-34 Male
35-44 Male
Very Influential and big following Audience:
25-34 Male
18-24 Femaile
Healthy and Friendly Perception
We can use their popularity

We can use their well established following

Using their other Social Media outlets to gain visibility on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Launch an event collaborating with YouTube personalities Future CSR Plan Red Cross Red cap and packaging For every Red charity bottle sold
$0.01 goes to the Red Cross Org. Pink Ribbon Foundation Pink cap and packaging For every Pink charity bottle sold $0.01
goes to the Pink Ribbon Foundation Case study: Pink charity bottle for Pink Ribbon Foundation Reminding customers that good health and good hydration go hand in hand Associate with restaurants

Expand distribution channels to Amazon

Provide water-dispenser to offices and gyms Implementation Restaurants Expand distribution channels B2C Communication Situation analysis
Brand identify
STP & Positioning statement
The 1st stage
The 2nd stage
The 3rd stage SWOT analysis

Global communication barriers


Competitor Situation analysis SWOT analysis Strength:
Proprietary process for making high pH water Central location for distribution Strengths
Brand awareness Unreliable co-packer
No clear line extension
Competitors' lack of brand awareness
The proprietary method for making alkaline water can be taken and used by other companies Low-known about alkaline drink
Buyer decision just focus on taste & price Global Communication Barriers Organic-healthy food

Pure-bottle water

Alkaline-healthy drink water Trend   Three sizes  Organic & natural store Thirstmonger.com Official Online shop
Organic & natural store Smooth Great $1.29   $1.46  Alkaline cellular hydration Super hydrating water   Competitor Tag line Options
Fashion water
Show your personality
Find your balance
Alkaline water
Long shelf healthy water Brand Identity
Be fashion alkaline water! Segment: People who drink bottled water
Target: All drinkers interested in living a healthy and natural fashion lifestyle.
Position: the most pristine and pure alkaline water on the market that should be part of every healthy person's diet. To all people seeking a healthy, fashion, and well balanced lifestyle, Qure Alkaline Water is a purified water with a pH of 9.5+ and can help reverse the damage that an everyday overly acidic diet can cause our bodies. Positioning statement QURE Pink Charity Bottle (pink background also) Crisis Plan 5 Principles of
Dealing Crisis Deal with it
Identify stakeholders
Be upfront
Be available
Move on Crisis Management team
Public relation
Press release
Media kits
Corporate statement
Social media what would the team have
done differently?

what worked well? New packaging strategies: Bigger size 1 gallon family size Strategy:

Create a new DRINKING TREND,
Make Alkaline water a part of everybody's life,
Everyone can afford it Competitor:
Electrical Alkaline Water Machine advantage: unlimited alkaline water
disadvantage: alkalinity fades away back to regular water within hours or few days Competitive Advantage:

LONG SHELF LIFE Color differentiation Strategy:

Associate with charity organizations,
different color caps for different
donations improve brand image market differentiation Purpose: QURE Water Marketing Communication Plan The 3rd stage POSTER THANK YOU FOR
QUESTIONS? All information used are based on secondary research Internal Education Program

Employees should be well educated about the Alkaline Water and the company Don't forget to TRY!! QURE Water
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