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bob dylan

on 11 March 2013

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cave diving extreme sports Extreme sports These sports often involve speed, height, a high level of physical exertion, and highly specialized gear People doing cave diving turtles Sure, turtles and tortoises are weird. They're egg-laying, scaly reptiles with oval-shaped hard shells. They lumber around incredibly slowly and have wrinkly, bald heads that make them look like wise old men.

And let's not forget their signature ability to retract their heads inside their shells when they're frightened.

But believe it or not, these animals can get even weirder.

Click ahead to find out what sets these members of the biological order Chelonia apart from everything else under the sun. What is cave diving??? how do you become a cave diver where and when florida is the best know lace for cave divers
it is most popular for tourist and the sea is so clear you could see your reflection really clearly cave diving what ??? yes that right cave diving . Cave diving is a type of technical diving in which specialized equipment is used to enable the exploration of caves which are at least partially filled with water. In the United Kingdom it is an extension of the more common sport of caving, and in the United States an extension of the more common sport of SCUBA diving. Compared to caving and SCUBA diving, there are relatively few practitioners of cave diving. This is due in part to the specialized equipment (such as rebreathers, diver propulsion vehicles and dry suits) and skill sets required, and in part because of the high potential risks, including decompression sickness and drowning.

Despite these risks, water-filled caves attract SCUBA divers, cavers, and speleologists due to their often unexplored nature, and present divers with a technical diving challenge. Underwater caves have a wide range of physical features, and can contain fauna not found elsewhere. picture time cave diving information Why? Isn't it dangerous, aren't those who participate foolish? What is the big attraction? Is it for adrenaline junkies and thrill seekers? The answers to these questions might surprise you. This article is not designed to give you a complete in depth detail of cave diving, but more a brief summary of cave diving to give a general overview from one cave divers point of view. Although I am very passionate about the sport - I have attempted to do my best to write up a non bias point of view to the best of my ability. Cave diving is an extreme sport. It is when divers go under water and swim threw a cave partially filled with water. This is a very dangerous sport because you could drown or decompression sickness. process of becoming a cave diver is broken down into the following stages: Cavern training, Introduction to Cave (Intro-to-Cave) training, or Apprentice Cave, and Cave training. The entire cave certification can be completed in approximately one week. Florida cave diving is exciting and rewarding sport. For the past 14 years, photographer and filmmaker Jill Heinerth has been exploring underwater caves around the world, from lava tubes off the coast of North Africa to icebergs in the Antarctic yay more pictures by Erica Zoe and not by Casey Casey because she is very stupid and thinks she is smarter than ,e casey do this one stupid
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