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04.03 Renaissance Humanities and Fine Arts: Assessment

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Chevy Chan

on 3 February 2013

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Transcript of 04.03 Renaissance Humanities and Fine Arts: Assessment

By Chaveli Conley Renaissance Legacy Around Me Art In my Theatre class, my teacher discussed the story of The Birth of Venus and she even had a poster that was the spitting image of the one above. This is a great example of the Renaissance because art similar to this was a very wonderful talent back in the past and very famous well known artists had painted lovely images like the Birth of Venus. Literature During my sophomore year of high school, my english honors II teacher had given us a copy of Shakespeare's famous playwright, "Romeo and Juliet". This is another example of the Renaissance as William Shakespeare lived around that time and was a very famous man known by thousands for his great written work. Architecture I went to Italy for a class trip in 2011 and viewed the most remarkable domes that was built many years ago. Another example of Renaissance as the Dome in the picture above is great architecture produced by the Italians with incredible beauty and symmetry. A Dome such as this one holds amazing art and even holy objects. Inventions In many homes, including my own, there are printers that allow us to make copies off the internet of anything we wish. This is the final example of the Renaissance since back then, the people only had a printing press for newspapers and the machine was capable of breaking rather easily compared to the modern technology of printers we own today. Four Topics of Renaissance Ideas Around Me
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