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Parks and Recreation

No description

Meg Gleason

on 7 April 2016

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Transcript of Parks and Recreation

General Overview
Parks and Rec is centered around government worker Leslie Knope, and her challenges she faces while trying to run a new branch of government. She first begins the Parks and Recreation branch after a massive construction pit is dug out, and someone falls in. Her goal is to make it into a park.
Parks and Recreation
Leslie Knope
Leslie is an industrious government worker, who opens a new branch of government called Parks and Recreation. Her favorite food is waffles from J.J's Diner. Leslie is played by Amy Poehler.
Ben Wyatt
Ben is Leslie's husband, (they get married later in the series.) He becomes involved in local government, and always helps Leslie out. He is portrayed by Adam Scott.
Ron Swanson
Ron is Leslie's boss, a government official who hates everything about government. He thinks government is a waste of time and that nothing gets done
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