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European Exploration!

No description

Melissa Didier

on 1 September 2015

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Transcript of European Exploration!

Reasons for Exploration
Spanish explorers did not find the wealth they’d hoped for in N. America
Ponce de Leon did not find the Fountain of Youth or establish a permanent colony in La Florida
Hernando de Soto’s army died of starvation and disease
Missions on the Barrier Island were not successful

Found some gold and silver in South America
Columbian Exchange
New crops were sent to Europe
Corn and Potatoes
God, Gold & Glory
St. Augustine
First permanent colony in N. America
Built to be a defensive fort in Florida
European Exploration!
So what next?
Colonization and the beginning of the 13 colonies!!
Impacts on Native Americans
Spanish gave them
Horses, sheep, pigs, guns, new farming methods & tools
Declared war on the Native Americans
Enslaved them
Converted some to Catholicism
Germs (wiped out 90 % of Native Americans they encountered)
Smallpox, Influenza, Measles & Whooping cough

Europeans were looking for a faster passage to Asia
Columbus thought he found one but found a new world instead
Reasons for Exploration
Saw the wealth accumulated by Spain
and wanted to find gold, too
Not powerful enough to challenge Spain,
so France went to other areas of North America
to explore

Instead of finding gold, they became wealthy by trapping and trading beaver fur
The fur was made into hats which
were in style in France
Quebec, Canada—set up as a base for French explorers, soldiers, missionaries, traders, and fur trappers
Claimed Louisiana in North America

Harsh climate of Quebec did not encourage settlers
Never found the gold they were originally searching for
Impacts on Native Americans
The French lived similarily to the Native Americans (hunting, fishing, living off the land); respected them for this
Became “business partners” with the them
Traded, trapped & hunted with them
Lived with and married them
Spread germs which caused many deaths

Reasons for Exploration
At first, they did not do much exploration until after they defeated the Spanish in the Spanish Armada. This allowed England to rule the seas
England's religion changed from Catholicism to Protestantism and England vowed to stop the spread of Catholicism

John Cabot found and claimed Newfoundland for England
Jamestown in Virginia was the first permanent English colony in N. America

The Lost Colony of Roanoke
Early English settlement with little supplies
Feared attack from Native Americans
Governor, John White, left for England to get supplies only to return 3 years later to find the colony gone
No one knows what happened to the settlers he left behind
Impacts on Native Americans
English traded with them, but frequently cheated the Native Americans out of land and resources
Native Americans did not believe in land ownership
English didn’t understand this and tried to push them from the land
Disease and germs were spread leading to many deaths

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