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TEDx University of Edinburgh

No description

Saskia Kokke

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of TEDx University of Edinburgh

please press

Why I want to be a TEDx ambassador
TEDx inspires people
1. How "Everyday Leadership" by Drew Dudley inspired me
2. Why I want to be a TEDx ambassador
3. Me...
Can I be a
University of Edinburgh TEDx ambassador?
My Application
Saskia Kokke
Where I come from:
Then I moved to:
And now:
I study Physics
because I want to understand
how the world works
How "Everyday Leadership" by Drew Dudley inspired me
(4th year)

x team,

TEDx opens people's minds
TEDx motivates people
TEDx inspires
TEDx motivates
TEDx opens mind
He changed my interpretation of "leadership"
something bigger
than me
something I can grasp
Don't devaluate the true "leadership" moments
the moments that fundamentally matter in someone's live
the moments you sometimes can't even remember yourself
Let someone who changed your life know this.
that moment will fundamentally matter to that person
The impact we have on each other's lives.
Drew Dudley changed my life!
TEDx changed my life for sharing it.
Like all the other TEDx talks do.
It's so inspiring!
My new definition of leadership:
And I want to be a part of it!
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