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Animal Cell Analogy

No description

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of Animal Cell Analogy

The nucleus of an animal cell is like the hospital administration. The nucleus is the main core of the cell that handles everything, and the hospital administration handles everything that goes on in the hospital.
The nucleolus is the center of the nucleus, and it basically sends out all of the other organelles that work within the cell. The nucleolus is like the hospital's CEO, who is the main person in the administration. They rule the whole administration.
The centrioles are rings of 9 groups of microtubules. They are part of the cytoskeleton. They help make the cell expand. I compared this to the architects and builders who expand hospitals.
Golgi Apparatus
The cell's golgi transports important "packages" all around the cell, sending out important information. I compared this to the hospital's mail department because the mail department is where things are packaged up to be sent out of the hospital.
The lyosome kills all of the bad bacteria so that it cant infect the cell. I compared this to the hospitals incinerator, because the incinerator destroys all the biohazard waste and things that could be harmful to the hospital's community.
Animal Cell Analogy
Cell Membrane
The cell membrane protects the cell from bad things and lets helpful things in. The cell membrane is like the hospital's outer walls and doors. There are employee access doors where only empolyees can enter.
The mitochondrian is the "power center" of the cell, and createss the cell's primary energy source. The mitochondrian is like the electricity in a hospital.
The vacuole releases waste from the cell and cleans up bad things. The vacuole is like the hospital's housekeeping staff because they clean up all of the waste and dispose of the trash in the hospital.
Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum
The rough endoplasmic reticulum houses the ribosomes. The rough "ER" is like the hospital rooms, because they house the patients and the doctors are often in them.
The cell's cytoskeleton helps the cell maintain its shape and is the cell's inside shape. The cytoskeleton is like the hospital's inside walls because that is the inside of the hospital, and it keeps the hospital up.
Ribosomes help aid proteins in amino acis chains. Ribosomes are like the hospital's doctors, comparing the proteins to the patients. The doctors aid the patients by giving them medicines and treatments.
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