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How to get ready and play paintball

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zach anketell

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of How to get ready and play paintball

how to get ready and play paintball Goal: If you want to become a paintballer but don't know what to do or how to play follow these simple steps to become a great paintball player. To complete the following steps you will need:
-paintball gun
-paintball mask
-old clothes
-running shoes
-paintball feild
-bravery 1. First put on all your old clothes (shirt, pants, sweater) and your running shoes. 2. THEN put on your paintball mask and fill your hopper with paintballs. 3.grab your paintball gun and find the ref that is reffing the game. 4. Once you have found your ref follow him and your teamates to the starting point. 5. when your on the feild at the starting point the ref will explain the game that you are playing. 6.once the ref has explained the game take off your barrel
cover and take a test fire at the trees behind you. 7. once you have taken your test fire and know your gun works then wait untill the ref blows the whistle (meaning the game has started) 7.once you know your gun works 7.wait untill a whistle is blown indicating that the game has started. 8. Then after the whistle has been blown
run to a near hiding spot. 9. shoot at the other team being careful not to get shot ,
if you get shot then raise your gun and walk off the feild
to the shelter. Now that you know how to get ready and play paintball. you are ready to play and win. 10. If you don't get shot then keep shooting at other people on
the other team that are not shot, once every one else is out and
your still in and the ref has blown the whistle you have won. If you look like this and have not been shot then you have sucessfully completed the steps.
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