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POEMS YAY!!!!!!!!!


Winnie Teh Pooh

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of POEMS YAY!!!!!!!!!

I chose this poem because a friend showed it to me and I really enjoyed it. So I searched up the poem and author. First stop,
We find the poem. I'm glad to say my Homework's done.
I finished it last night.
I've got it right here in this box.
Its not a pretty sight.

My dog chewed up my homework.
He slobbered on it, too.
So now my homework’s ripped to shreds
and full of slimy goo.

It isn't much to look at,
but I brought it anyway.
I’m going to dump it on your desk
if I don’t get an A. We Found The Poem! Why the poem is great #2 This part of the poem is amazing because the "too" and the "goo" rhyme.
I like the sound of the "oo" because it makes the poem flow better. "An evil scheme?!
Oh a rhyme scheme." The rhyme scheme I noticed in each stanza throughout this poem was...
B This poem reminds me of a book I read in second grade called "My Teacher Ate My Homework." in the Zack Files series. By Niels Vanderloo 6E
NEST+m ELA Looking For Buried Poems In this poem I noticed a rhyme scheme. This adds to my experience of the poem because it gives the poem rhythm and beat, which helps me read the poem easily. This poem reminds me of this book because in the poem his dog eats his homework, but in this book the teacher eats his homework. Overall Why I Like This Poem I like this poem because it rhymes and is really funny. The last line stands out to me the most because the student will dump his chewed up gross homework on the teacher's desk if he doesn't get an A. I also like the poem because the rhythm of the poem is neat. Why this poem is great #1 In this poem I found imagery. The part of the poem where I found imagery is the part where it says
"So now my homework’s ripped to shreds
and full of slimy goo."
This is imagery because it creates a picture in your mind, and slimy is a descriptive word. This is helpful because imagery helps
me understand what
it looks like. My Sister, Iris This poem reminds me of my sister because she might try to say that her dog ate her homework or something. She is always trying to get out of doing her homework. This is how I found the poem... Sound effects! Give a round of applause to the people eating apples throughout the entire presentation. A Dog Chewed up my Homework Bruce Lansky Why this poem is great #3 One reason that this poem is great is because it has alliteration. Alliteration is when two words start with the same sound, for example, Super Spaghetti. In this poem there is alliteration when he says "I'm going to dump it on your desk." This is alliteration because the "d" in dump starts with the same sound as the "d" in desk. A round of applause to my sister IRIS, for reading the poem.
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