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Dance for Purchase

No description

Angela Imperati

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Dance for Purchase

Dance For Purchase
Who we will be
Limon Dance Company: A contemporary dance company founded in 1946 by Jose Limon
American Tap Dance Foundation: A tap dance company founded in 1986.
Cherylyn Lavagnino Dance: A contemporary ballet company founded in 2000.
Proposal Amount
With phenomenal performers sometimes comes a high ticket price. For three Saturdays filled with dance, culture and Purchase pride, we are requesting financial support of
This would mostly cover the artist fee which is our largest cost for the project. The rest of that would cover our second largest cost, being transportation and catering.
What we want to Achieve
Our team wants to try and engage students in our area and introduce them to the world of dance

We want to create a culturally enriching experience that introduces the different techniques of dance.
Our Audience
Limon Dance Company
Transportation and Catering
Catering from Top of the Square Catering in NYC breaks down to $87 per dancer each day. This would include two fresh and healthy meals for performers. Since we have 15 performers at Limon and 8 each at Cherylyn and American Tap, this will cost us
has over 4000 students
of which 65% live on Campus
Travel expenses are being spent on a Coach bus that will meet the dancers in the city and then will bring them to Purchase. The rental per day is $850 and we will be using them three separate days costing us
for transportation.
Our Target Audience is students. Specifically, students who attend SUNY Purchase and Manhattanville College

SUNY Purchase
Manhattanville has over 2000 students.

To help engage these students
we will work with out local student
government to allow these students
to take the Loop so they can attend the performance without cost to them.
Cultural Participation
For The American Tap Dance foundation we would love to host a master class.
For for Cherylyn Lavagnino Dance we would love to have her sign autographs after the performance.
Finally for the Limon Dance Company we would like for them to do a post show discussion.
The Team
We are hoping to sell at least 350 seats for our event to make $

200 Seats will be reserved for
Purchase students at $5.

50 Seats are reserved for Manhattanville students at $10 with free transportation.

The last 100 seats are open to non students at $20.
We are utilizing the skill of our own peers and enticing our target audience with a limited edition hand printed t-shirt. A Purchase student will design and print 300 t-shirts. They cost us $600 to buy and we are selling them over the three show festival. Since we are using Purchase students and the screens we have here, there is no fee for making them which results in mostly profit. We will be selling them at $20 each and expect them to sell out because of their rarity. It would be an income of
Kristina Bermudez
Angela Imperati
Jenny Martin
American Tap Dance Foundation
Cherylyn Lavagnino Dance
Recital Hall
The perfect location for the three artists, the
Recital Hall was made for small dance concerts.
Coming from different backgrounds, our team hopes to achieve the same goal: expand student's and the community's view of dance
Thank you for considering us!
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