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Amores Perros

No description

Miriam Chavez

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of Amores Perros

President Vicente Fox
Two weeks after
Amores Perros
was released, Mexico encounter a political change that they have not faced in seventy-one years.
Historical Background

México, D. F
A city built between the Old and the New
By Paul J Smith
Amores Perros
Success in Mexico
Won over thirty awards, including the most successful film at the Mexican box office of its year
Credited for "kick-starting" a Mexican film industry that was at the time in ruins
Opening in Mexico: $10 million
International Success
Received high international success, and was shocking to its creators
Sold to territories around the world: London, France, Italy, Spain, and Israel
In London, played for 6 months
Took top prizes in 'Critics Week at Cannes'
González Iñárritu won best new director at the Edinburgh Festival
Was nominated for best foreign film in both the Golden Globes and Academy Awards
Worldwide: $20 million
In the United States: $5 million
United Kingdom: $680,000 in five weeks
The film hit censorship problems in Germany and the UK in regards to its subject matter
Reactions to the film
Various critics had contradictory views about the film
Contradictory reactions from film-goer audiences as well
Jorge Ayala
a film scholar who usually strays from the usual tastes of the crowd
believed the film failed in its 'choque'
what he is referring to is both the car crash and the double meaning of the word in spanish, shock.
he believed Amores Perros was successful via 'fox-style strategy' which is by means of soap opera drama
"the parallelisms among the 3 narratives lacked clarity, the use of silver on the negative was 'abusive', the hand-held camera was physically nauseating and find the characters stereotypical"
Garcia Canclini
'polarisation of publics'
believed critics tend to support minority or elitist tastes that are not shared by the mass audience
this film addressed urgent social themes such as poverty, corruption and violence
had appeal for the youth-oriented
Patricia Torres San Martin's analysis of audience in Guadalajara
most of the viewers were between 18-25, educated and in the middle class
enjoyed unusual plot structure
mimetic success (reflects the society we live in)
audience splits by class
working class says film was disgusting and sad
middle class says it showed the raw reality of Mexico City, especially in the bad neighborhoods
"reflects the culture of poverty"
The National Action Party (PAN) President Vicente Fox (2000 – 2006)
well known critic
stressed the 'film's desire to tell a story beyond all other elements'
did not see the film as artificial
convincing cast
great ability to sustain dramatic tension throughout a lengthy running time
Leonardo Garcia Tsao
The Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI)
Army drumming Vs Aztec drumming
Christ Vs Spiderman
Virgin of Guadalupe Vs Britney
“…clashes of sound and vision.”
The City's connection to the Film
The entire film was shot in the capital over a course of 10 weeks.

The location was picked because of the city's reputation for being a place of "encounter and conflict"
How the film came to be
Stage One
Stage Two
Stage Three
Promotion and Marketing
Entered The Cannes Film Festival in the competition for the Critics Week rather than the main prize.

Production company paid for 5 Mexican journalists to attend Cannes

Organized a radio contest where a local film fan wins a trip to the film festival

The day of the premiere at the Teatro Metropolitan, Production organized a party with more than 3,000 people, entertained by one of the bands on the sound track.


Press Kits

The producers gave interviews about the film to radio stations, newspapers and ten different TV shows

Played trailers 4 times a day at Hard Rock Cafes throughout Mexico
The screenwriter and the novelist
Guillermo Arriaga and González Iñárritu
Both men wanted to "[explore] the theme of human frailty"
Introduction of producer Martha Sosa
Mini-studio Altavista
Mid-1997 -1996
July 1998
The first draft of the script was developed
Documentary-style camera work
Stronger contrast and texture in color
using unknown actors
Strong soundtrack
November 1998
April 1999
The filming proved to be complicated
Car crash scene
Dog fight scenes
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