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The story of a pencil

No description

Dylan Bromley

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of The story of a pencil

The story of a Pencil's

Components!! Extraction Graphite Where was the material extracted from? Graphite is extracted or mined over in Europe,China,USA,and even in Canada. What energy source was used in the extraction? Wastes generated? The energy used would be electricity,oil,diesel,gasoline, and human force. The wastes generated would be emissions from the machines and unusable rock after the graphite has be extracted. What impact does that waste have on the environment? The emissions from the machines will contribute to global warming and air pollution. While, the unuseable rock will sit in giant piles in the mine just to be left there. Production Where is the processing of graphite happening? The processing is happening in either Norway,Ukraine or Canada. These countries are the top graphite production countries. Are there any toxins produced in the processing? Where do they go? What part of the environment do they effect? There are carbon toxins produced in the processing. The carbon toxins then get sent out into the air. These carbon toxins effect the air quality and releases deadly toxins in the air. Are there any dangers associated with the product? The dangers are handling this product without any safety equipment on and ingesting these deadly carbon toxins. Distribution How far has the graphite come? The graphite has traveled the planet thousands of miles so far. Where was it sold? The graphite was sold to any of the pencil manufacturing companies in the U.S.A or any of the pencil manufacturers in the world. Consumption Do you actually need it? Yes, I need the graphite so I can see the words I am writing down everyday for notes in Biology and environmental. How long will the trend last? The trend of using graphite will last until they find a better alternative to graphite or pencil become obsolete. Disposal What happens to it at the end of it's life? The graphite will end up in a landfill with the rest of the pencil. Except for the graphite that is on the paper that is recycled. How long does it take to decompose? The graphite will decompose in 100 to 200 hundred years or more if it is compacted tightly in the landfill. WOOD Extraction What type of extraction process was used? The trees were cut down using chainsaws or other big machine that cut trees down and then dragged through the forest and then sent to the sawmill. What is the cost to the land? The forest's become just dry land and animals move away. The land becomes unuseable to nature. Processing Where is the processing happening? It all depends on were the trees were cut down. But the biggest sawmill in Canada is the Canfor sawmill in British Columbia. Is there anything that I did not know that contributed to making your stuff? I did not know how big the Canfor sawmill is or how much wood is processes everyday. Distribution The cost for distribution? The costs for distributing the wood would depend on were the wood was going and how far it had to travel. Consumption Does it bring me happiness? No, if the wood is turned into a pencil it does not bring me happiness. Is the product renewable? Yes, wood is a renewable resource. If we plant new trees after we cut some down we will still have wooden pencils. Disposal What happens to it at the end of it's life? The wood of a pencil get's thrown away in the garbage as a pencil or as pencil shavings. Who is responsible for disposing of the waste? The person responsible for disposing of the waste is the garbage when he comes to pick up the trash from the school. Questions? How far has it come? The wood has come a few miles from the forest to the sawmill. But is now on it's way to the pencil manufacturer.
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