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A New World

The World I Believe in......

Sarah M

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of A New World

Double click anywhere & add an idea The World I Believe in...
By Sarah Morgan The World I believe in...
by Sarah Morgan The world I in believe is not perfectly perfect, but by its flaws,
it was made perfect.... The world I believe in
are hand at hand,
helping each other thrive
to make
what others say,
a better place... The world I believe in
Religon & Science
are made equal
if religon was superior,
what is science?
And if science was superior,
what is religon? The world I believe in
All human beings were created equal & will stay equal.
They all have the same rights, & nobody is superior or inferior.
If only those who closed the curtains could see the sun..... In the world I believe in there are miracles & mysteries.
The mysteries are just like doves gracefully flying back & forth, not caring if you are approaching them, but they will still fly a away leaving you in confusion. But, sometimes that is just the way people like it. Miracles are always following you, but most of the time we don't have the strength to turn around. But it isn't the MIRACLE following you.
"Would God hand over the miracle just like that, or would He give you the OPORTUNITY to get the miracle?" ~ Morgan Freeman
Thank You for watching!!
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