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A Hero's Journey: Shark Tales

No description

DaNasia Ford

on 22 January 2015

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Transcript of A Hero's Journey: Shark Tales

Brianna M.
DaNasia F.
A Hero's Journey: Shark Tales
The Ordinary World
Oscar starts to work with Lenny performing shows that Oscar really can fight and kill sharks.
Meeting With The Mentor
When Oscar was troubled with his high debt, his good friend Angie helps him out by giving him her pearl passed down by her grandmother that was very valuable, so that he could cash it in for money.
Crossing The Threshold
When Oscar lies about being the famous "Shark Slayer" he begins to throw parties and flaunting his "achievement" to the other fish.
The Call To Adventure
Oscar is called to adventure when he bet his pearl money that he got from Angie, on Lucky Day in a seahorse race.
Tests, Allies, and Enimies
The End
When Oscar's boss, Mr.Sykes tells him he owes him $5,000 and is at the bottom of the food chain it Oscar begins to stress and get fearful.
The Ordeal
The Reward
Oscar is rewarded when all of the fish really start to believe that he is the shark slayer and start to honor him.
The Road Back
Soon enough, Lino, the Father of Lenny, finds out that Oscar has been lying about being a shark slayer and is out to kill him.
The Ressurection
Return With The Elixir
In the end, Oscar realizes too that he shouldn't be worried about fame and temporary things and he goes back to be with Angie and luckily gets to own half of the Wale Wash
At one of Oscar's parties, a fish tells him that group of shark are coming and he should fight and kill them since he is the famous "Shark Slayer".
When Lino finds Oscar, Oscar traps him and Lino then finally realizes who is son Lenny really wants to be and he shouldn't be after Oscar, he should just be happy.
The one thing that Oscar thought would never happen did... Angie found out he was lying about being the shark slayer.
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