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Design and Technology

No description

Tom Williams

on 3 November 2014

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Transcript of Design and Technology

Design and Technology

Tech is an exciting subject........
the possibilities are endless

There are so many different choices you can make, you have the opportunity to pick
one or more
DT subjects as a qualification:
"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works."
Steve Jobs
"I don't design clothes, I design dreams."
Ralph Lauren
Your tech options
Resistant Materials
Product Design
Graphic Products
BTEC Engineering
BTEC Construction

DT courses at Brine Leas School
BTEC Engineering
BTEC Construction
"I think it's really important to design things with a kind of personality."
Marc Newson
"Design means there is
no right or wrong
answer, and there are
many ways of working
out the answer you get."
James Dyson
Assessment Methods KS4:
The courses are assessed through a
40% Written Exam
but the bonus is that the rest of the course grade is gained from a
60% Design and Make Project
produced under Controlled Assessment conditions. This requires students to undertake a project based on a selected task and produce a practical product and associated 20 - 25 page folder which has to be completed in a 45 hour time limit.
Resistant Materials and Product Design Career Options:
Product Design, Furniture Design, Industrial Design, Architecture, Engineering, Jewellery designer/maker, Interior Design, Automotive and Mechanical, and practical trades such as; Joinery, carpentry and mechanics.
Resistant Materials
Year 10-
build skills
knowledge of tools, equipment and machines
use and knowledge of woods, metals and plastics
processes and practicals
how to be creative
drawing/presentation skills
mini projects
CAD skills
start the major project at Easter

Year 11 -
major project
theory and exam preparation
the differences:
involves the knowledge and use of tools, materials and processes to make a high quality product.

involves candidates to design, produce and develop a product with innovation and flair so that the product is very creative.
Product Design
GCSE Electronics gives students a solid knowledge in electrical safety, system design, information system processing, components, applications of electronic systems and practical electronics systems synthesis.
You will -
build knowledge and understanding of the basics of Electronics
understanding of electronics in daily life
ability to carry out tasks safely and skilfully
understanding of 'How Science Works'
ability to apply their knowledge and understanding to planning a task, testing ideas and solving problems
ability to apply their knowledge successfully to unfamiliar contexts
data presentation and evidence-gathering skills.
Electronics Career options:

Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering including the Automotive Industry and Computer Science are just a few examples. A high percentage of engineers go on to work in management in a range of engineering and manufacturing industries.
is about using information and your artistic talents to help inform people and promote the sale of items through eye-catching packaging and promotional materials. It is a very visual subject, especially for people who enjoy drawing and using colour, who like to see their creative outcomes put to effective practical use.
There are a range of very relevant projects you may be asked to work on and recent successful GCSE projects include packaging for fast food, promotion of music and music based events including T-shirts and CD/DVD covers. Packaging design for confectionary is also popular, including wrappers, point of sale display and posters.
You will learn
industry standard
graphics software,
illustrator etc.
Career options:

Graphic Designer
Printing industry
Multi media careers
Advertising/ marketing
Theatre design
Packaging designer
GCSE Hospitality
and Catering

GCSE Hospitality and Catering

Controlled Assessment - 60%
Theory Paper - 40%

Unit one - controlled assessment
Task 1 - 20% 3 hour practical exam in year 10 where they will make 4 dishes
Task 2 - 40% 3 hour practical exam in year 11 where they will produce a 2 course meal

Unit two - theory paper - 1hr 15mins at the end of year 11
Areas covered:
The industry - food and drink
Job roles
Health, safety and hygiene
Food preparation, cooking and presentation
Nutrition and menu planning
Food Career options:

Food Buyer for manufacturer or retailer
Hotel management
Food Photographer
Research and develop new food products
Catering examples
Textiles examples
Textiles Career Options:

• Buyer –fashion/textiles
• Designer – textile/surface decoration
• Fashion Designer
• Teaching
• Textiles Technologist for the sports, science, medicine, or fashion industries.
inspiring creativity
What will I learn?
GCSE Textiles Technology covers a wide range of topics including sports fashion, natural forms, morphing products, child’s play and sustainability.

Over the two years of the course you will develop a wide range of creative designing and making skills, technical knowledge and understanding relating to textiles products and invaluable transferable skills such as problem solving and time management.
This course is slightly different.........
The BTEC is a qualification for students aged 14-16
Combines theory and practice to equip students with the knowledge and experience they need to progress to higher education or work
The BTEC combines subject learning with other valuable knowledge through following specific units
The BTEC is designed to give learners a fully rounded education, appealing to their interests and styles of learning while keeping their career and educational options open for the future

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