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Emerson College Internship Workshop - Fall'16 & Spring'17 Credit-Bearing Internships

Emerson College Career Services

Marissa Shallcross

on 6 July 2016

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Transcript of Emerson College Internship Workshop - Fall'16 & Spring'17 Credit-Bearing Internships

Fall 2016 & Spring 2017 Credit-Bearing Internships
Emerson College Internship Workshop
Signing onto LionHire

How to: Complete a Learning Agreement Form on eHire

Applying for credit for a
2, 4, or 8 Credit Internship

Internship Proposal

How do I know where my form is in the process?

What happens next?

First View of Learning Agreement & Proposal Form

Initiate Credit Approval Process

Retrieving a Completed Learning Agreement Form

Stages of the Approval Process, Cont.

Important Information for International Students

Work Information - Supervisor

Note: to view the full statement regarding FERPA, you must hover over the ?, as shown to the right. For more info on FERPA, see: http://www.emerson.edu/academics/registrar/policies-ferpa/ferpa
Internship/PDE Class & Requirements

Timeline Information

Stages of the Approval Process

Viewing Internship Record & Workflow

Internship Site & Job Title

Internship Policies - Students
Internship Policies - Host Organizations
Carefully Review the screen shots in the following slides to help you fill out the learning agreement form on eHire.

Verify Profile

Intern Code of Conduct

Emerson College Career Services
careers@emerson.edu - 617-824-8586

5. through 8.
Credit Requirements
16-24 hours per week
192 clock hours (minimum) over a 12-weeks period within the semester.

32-38 hours per week
384 clock hours (minimum) over a 12-weeks period within the semester.

(only available to some GRADUATE students)
Appropriate clock hours determined with/by Departmental Internship Coordinator over a 12-week period within the semester.

Must start withing the first 2 days of the semester.
9. through 12.
9.) There is an academic course associated with
taking a credit-bearing internship
Students will receive a letter grade for their work
Respective Departmental Internship Coordinator will instruct the course.

10.) If you intend to complete a credit-bearing internship, you MUST REGISTER & PAY for the internship COURSE no later than the internship registration DEADLINE.
Please refer back to slide 12 or go to College’s academic calendar ( bit.ly/EC-Calendar ) for specific dates.

11.) Students must register for an internship within
his/her academic department
Internships cannot be done within your minor.

12.) Students are not required to report their host
organization choice when registering for the
internship course.
Internship Course
Student's MUST complete an
ACADEMIC LEARNING AGREEMENT* with his/her host organization supervisor and Departmental Internship Coordinator
*This includes signatures from both
by the internship registration deadline.
IMPORTANT: Students cannot begin his/her internship until the learning agreement has been completed.
Can apply 12 internship credits (maximum) to the total graduation requirements (exception: Student teaching). Please review the 499 course description via the Emerson Course Catalogue to determine how these credits will be applied to your academic audit. The 12 credit cap includes both 4 & 8 credit internships as well as 1 credit professional development experiences.
NOTE: Due to the limit of 12 internship credits that can be used toward total graduation requirements, it is very important to PLAN AHEAD! The LA and DC Programs count against the credit limit!
15.) Interns are expected to comply with the Emerson College

in all interactions (see: Student Handbook)

Thanksgiving, Spring Break & various holidays (see Academic Calendar: bit.ly/EC-Calendar).
Student interns aren't required to complete internship hours with their host organization during these times.
However, if a student chooses to complete internship hrs during a break or holiday, he/she should not exceed the weekly limits stated above.

17.) Students CANNOT take an internship as a

(from another school or program):
Grad Students: can't transfer credits from another school or program.
Undergrad Students: need approval from the Department Chair
in order to transfer internship credits from another school or program. If credits are approved, they count against the 12-credit limit.

19.) Students can't use Emerson College as their host organization for a credit-bearing internship.

20.) A student completing an internship in Los Angeles must be enrolled
in the
LA Program
15. through 20.
International Students
If you are an international student pursuing a PAID internship, you MUST be:
Earning credit
Following the Curricular Practical Training (CPT) guidelines.
Authorization process takes up to 3-4 weeks
Students cannot begin an internship until
the process has been completed.
Please see the Office of International
Student Affairs for CPT guidelines
and authorization.
Student Interns cannot complete a credit-bearing internship with an organization if it is also their current employer.
Organizations that host an Emerson College student intern must provide one identified, ON-SITE intern SUPERVISOR
who has knowledge and an educational and/or professional background in the industry of the internship.
Host organizations are expected to comply with the:
1.) Emerson College
policies in all interactions with the Student Intern:
4. through 7.
Internship Site Supervisor is
Responsible for ensuring that:
4.) Student intern is provided with a safe workspace. The workspace must be in a professional office and cannot be located in a private residence or non-commercial setting.

5.) No more than 25% of the student intern’s tasks involve clerical work.

6.) Student intern does not perform inappropriate tasks, such as maintenance duties or personal errands for employees.

7.) The student intern is not required to use their personal automobiles for duties at or related to the internship/intern site.
Organizations may offer to host an undergraduate student intern for a second semester.

If the student accepts this offer, They are responsible for :
Obtaining academic department approval from their Departmental Internship Coordinator.

*The approval process requires the student to prove that the second internship will provide a new academic challenge
(i.e. new department, project, or supervisor).
are not permitted to complete additional credit-bearing internships with the host organization.
Emerson College’s liability insurance includes student interns under limited circumstances.

Serving in a supervised (i.e. CREDIT-BEARING)
internship program in satisfaction of course requirements as long as they are acting within the scope of their duties or obligations as student interns.
The insurance, underwritten by Lexington Insurance Company Reciprocal Risk Retention Group, a well-known higher education insurer, contains the limitations and exclusions common to such policies.
INTERNATIONAL Students who are NOT being PAID:
Organizations who host an international student who is not being paid should be aware that there are particular RULES which preclude them from receiving any compensation
This includes: gifts in kind or “freebies” unless they are authorized for such in advance. (CPT)
The host organization supervisor is responsible:
For submitting TWO performance evaluations to the student intern’s Department Internship Coordinator during the course of the semester.
Note: These performance evaluations are used in determining the student’s course grade.
As an Emerson College intern you are representing the College and all of its constituents.

You are also representing yourself by demonstrating your own ability and professional identity.

Emerson College imposes the following understandings and obligations on students who are engaged in an internship arrangement.
1. through 3.
1.) The Emerson College
Student Code of Conduct
applies to all students when serving as interns.

2.) Interns are expected to
abide by the host organization’s employee manual, code of conduct, or standards
(including dress codes) that apply to interns and/or employees at the site.

Interns must act in a professional & ethical manner
including: punctuality, appropriate dress, fulfilling commitments, meeting deadlines, & maintaining a cooperative attitude.
4. & 5.
Permissible Absences
Interns must understand that permissible absences from the internship site include:

1.) Attending internship class meetings
2.) Illness
3.) Serious circumstances

In the event of the above, the student is responsible for notifying their employers in a TIMELY MANNER

Attending to another academic or co-curricular responsibility is not a legitimate excuse for absence.
6. through 8.
Work schedule, supervision, or other info. recorded on the Learning Agreement to their respective Departmental Internship Coordinator.

of any information gained regarding the host organization’s:
Clients, projects, work, and personnel.
Additionally, interns will respect copyright LAWS and intellectual property RIGHTS.

UNDERSTAND THAT INFORMATION ABOUT Host organization SHOULDN'T be broadcast in PUBLIC spaces
INCLUDES online resources such as:
YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, websites, & message boards without the expressed written
approval of the host supervisor.
11.) Interns will
communicate appropriately
and in a tactful manner, esp. when expressing ideas or requesting additional responsibilities/projects.

12.) Interns will
seek feedback
, accept suggestions or constructive criticism from supervisors and always strive to improve performance.
9.) Interns will
not conduct personal business
during the internship hours including:
Homework, personal phone calls, browsing the internet, and accessing personal email accounts.

10.) Interns understand that up to 25% of the internship hours may involve
clerical work
and will maintain a cooperative attitude
11. and 12.
9. and 10.
5.) Students must remain
drug and alcohol-free
when serving as interns.
1. through 4.
1.) An Emerson student is free to pursue an internship of his/her choosing.
HOWEVER: In order to be a credit-bearing internship it MUST be approved by the Departmental Internship Coordinator within your academic department (not Career Services).
Undergraduate students must meet basic eligibility requirements:
2.7 GPA (minimum)
64 credit hours
to pursue an internship for either 4 or 8 credits.
In order to register for a credit bearing internship:

You must fully COMPLETE ALL
course prerequisites
Graduate Students
(varying by department):
Can earn 2, 4 or 8 units of credit for an internship. Check with your department for restrictions.
Graduate students must petition in order to be able to take MORE than 4 credits of internship in ONE semester.

*Petitions are available in the Office of Graduate Studies
First, go to My Account > My Profile and verify that all of your contact and academic information is correct.

To sign into LionHire visit:

Unless you changed it your username and password will be your Emerson email & your Emerson ID with a capital 'E'.

If you have trouble logging in, call 617-824-8586 for assistance.

Next, click Internship Credit Approval Process to access your Learning Agreement & Proposal

Select the drop down arrow to choose the correct intern term. Then select 'Other' to be brought the below screen:
Enter the name of the internship site and your title. Click "Save," and the next screen will bring you to the Learning Agreement & Proposal form.

Here's how to do so:
1. Log onto ehire.
2. Select “View my Activity” on the left-hand side of your Home screen.
3. Then, a bunch of tabs will load in the middle of the page. Click on Internships.
4. You will see any forms you submitted. To see the form for the current semester, click on View on the right-hand side of the screen.
5. Scroll to the bottom, and make sure the required signatures are both shown at the bottom of the form.
6. On the top of your browser, go to File > Print.
7. From here, you can either print the screen as is, or save or view the form as a PDF, which should be an option on your print screen.
8. Print the form and give it to your supervisor the next time you are at your site OR save the PDF and send via email to your site supervisor.

Once your internship/PDE is approved, you should email the completed learning agreement form to your site supervisor.

Now What?
If you are required to provide any type of verification for your site that you will be earning credit for the internship, let Kate Privert know. Please email me and include name, title and contact information for the person who needs to receive this verification. Please wait to alert Marissa about this until after your Learning Agreement has been completed by both the site and your Departmental Internship Coordinator.
If your internship site requires that you sign documentation (including any standard HR/work forms) that requests you to agree to non-disclosure or non-compete terms beyond the duration of your internship, please contact your DIC to discuss this before signing any forms.
Final Reminder
If anything is going wrong during your internship, alert us promptly.
First point of contact: your DIC
Second point of contact: Catherine Rodriguez in Career Services
This workshop is MANDATORY for
undergraduates and graduates in the following majors who are pursuing a credit-bearing internship:
Getting Started
Communication Studies
Health Communication
Performing Arts/Theatre
This workshop is NOT for you if you are:
Applying for the 1-credit PDE program
Participating in the LA Program or DC Semester
A GMCA or Communication Disorders student
NOT seeking credit for your internship
Materials you will need to complete the workshop:
Basic Requirements for an Internship for Credit
12 weeks long (minimum)
Hours per week: 4 credits: 16-24 hrs/week
8 credits: 32-38 hrs/week
2 credits: hrs TBD by Dept. Internship Coordinator (grad students only)
Internship start/end dates must be within semester
Start date must be within required time-frame (more info on next slide)
Internships in LA must be done through the LA program. Please contact David Griffin, Office of External Programs.
How do I know if I can do an internship for credit?
Do you have internship
credit available?
Undergraduate students:
Can apply up to 12 internship credits toward total graduation requirements, including 4 or 8 credit internships and 1 credit PDEs (for more information on PDEs speak with the Career Services Internship Coordinator).

Graduate students:
No more than 4 credits, with the exception of students in the WLP department who can pursue 8.
Please refer to Graduate Catalog to see how many can fit with your program requirements.

Please note: The Washington, DC program requires 8 credits and the ELA program requires at least 4 credits.
Are you eligible?
Graduate Students:
3.0 GPA (minimum)
Completion of any prerequisites for 690 internship class
See department or Graduate Catalog for any departmental restrictions

Undergraduate Students:
2.7 GPA (minimum)
64 credits completed prior to start of internship
Completion of any prerequisites for 499 internship class
*By this date, you are to have:
1. Registered for the internship class
2. Completed your learning agreement
3. Received necessary e-signatures from your: Dept. Internship Coordinator & Internship site

Note: You are NOT required to work at your internship on days that there are no classes (such as school holidays, etc). See Academic Calendar:
Important Dates
Internship Structure Requirements
If this workshop is for you:
Use your mouse or the Right and Left arrow keys to click through each slide.
View at your own pace (autoplay is NOT recommended)
Read EVERYTHING in full
For questions, contact Catherine_Rodriguez, catherine_rodriguez@emerson.edu.
About this workshop:
*If the print is too small, try viewing in Full Screen mode or zooming in on the presentation. You should be able to zoom either by scrolling with your mouse or using the Up and Down arrow keys. You can also zoom in on any one item by simply clicking on it.
2. Internship Code of Conduct

1. Emerson College Internship Policies for Students & Host Organizations

3. Internship Class Terms & Requirements

If you are proposing a virtual internship, you must also review the Criteria for Virtual Internships

Remember: You cannot save the form while in progress. Unless you click "save" to submit the form, your information is deleted when you leave the screen.

Recommended: compile all required information on a word doc and then copy into the form when you are ready to complete it.

Note: the "Timeline" is your Learning Agreement and Proposal form.

See next slide for more on the proposal.

Questions that do not have a box for a response will be answered by your site supervisor.

Make sure dates are correct and within semester time frame. Hours must meet credit requirement, and the estimated hours per week and schedule must correspond. See next frame for specifics.

It is extremely important that your proposal is NO LESS than 300 words and addresses all six criteria in the instructions. If these requirements are not met, you will be asked to rewrite your proposal.

Select the appropriate internship class and number of credits. The internship class can only be taken in a student's major or program.

Make sure that you have reviewed all indicated policies, terms, and requirements that have been reviewed in this workshop. If you have any questions about these documents, contact Catherine Rodriguez. Once you are sure you have reviewed and understand all indicated documents, select "yes." Once you are sure your form is complete, click the green "Save" button at the bottom of the form.

Students who have international status (F-1) must complete the CPT authorization process in order to complete an internship that offers any type of compensation. Make sure to note compensation, whether or not you are an international student, and if there is an additional compensation. Please see the Office of International Student Affairs with any questions.

It is very important that your supervisor's contact information is correct so that the form can be sent to your supervisor via email for review after you submit the form online. The email address for your supervisor must be a professional address (ie: not a yahoo or gmail address).

Note: If your site supervisor changes, you must notify Catherine Rodriguez and your DIC.

Once your form has been signed by both your internship site supervisor and your departmental internship coordinator, the approval process is complete! If you are an international student who needs CPT authorization, your form must also be signed by Virga Moshini in order to be complete.

Workflow Complete: Yes = your internship has been approved!

1. Career Services will review your form.
2. If anything needs to be updated, you will be contacted. If the form looks ok, Career Services will initiate the form.
3. When the form is initiated, it is sent first via email to the site supervisor that you designated on your form.
4. Your site supervisor will review the form. As long as he or she fills out the form in its entirety, agrees to the college’s policies, terms, and requirements for hosting an Emerson student, and electronically signs the form, the form will be sent automatically via email to your DIC.
5. Your DIC will review the form, verify that you are registered for the internship class (if you are pursuing a 2, 4, or 8 credit internship) and select whether to approve the proposed experience for credit for an internship.

On the left-hand side of your Home screen, click “View My Activity.” From there, click the tab that says "Internships." Select "View" for the record for the appropriate semester. Then, scroll down to the bottom of the Learning Agreement form to view the workflow status.

Note: it is the student's responsibility to ensure that both signatures are secured. Make sure to track the status of the form, and follow up with each signer as necessary to be sure the form is signed by the deadline.

Workflow Complete: No = one or more signatures needed in order for internship to be approved.

This screen shot shows what the bottom of the form will look like after Career Services has initiated the workflow on your form, when the status of the form is "Pending."

Students are responsible for monitoring the status of their form and following up with reviewers as necessary. See next slides for specific instructions and screen shots.

Information to Consider
Some helpful information to read and be aware of before participating in an internship:
Department of Labor Standards for Unpaid Internships
Questions or concerns about whether or not an internship is right for you? Contact Career Services at 617-824-8586 to meet with a counselor.
National Association of Colleges & Employers - Criteria for an Experience to Be Defined as an Internship

To ensure that an experience—whether it is a traditional internship or one conducted remotely or virtually—is educational, and thus eligible to be considered a legitimate internship by the NACE definition, all the following criteria must be met:
The experience must be an extension of the classroom: a learning experience that provides for applying the knowledge gained in the classroom. It must not be simply to advance the operations of the employer or be the work that a regular employee would routinely perform.
The skills or knowledge learned must be transferable to other employment settings.
The experience has a defined beginning and end, and a job description with desired qualifications.
There are clearly defined learning objectives/goals related to the professional goals of the student’s academic coursework.
There is supervision by a professional with expertise and educational and/or professional background in the field of the experience. There is routine feedback by the experienced supervisor.
There are resources, equipment, and facilities provided by the host employer that support learning objectives/goals.
Important Contacts During the Approval Process & Your Internship
Departmental Internship Coordinator (DIC):
Communication Studies: Prof. Ted Hollingworth
Health Communication: Prof. Christine Skubisz
Journalism: Prof. Marsha Della Giustina
Marketing Communication: Prof. Michael Tucker
Performing Arts: Prof. Benny Ambush
WLP: Prof. Elizabeth Parfitt
VMA: Prof. Vinicius Navarro
See also: bit.ly/EC-DICs
Your DIC is a person designated by your academic department, who is responsible for determining whether to approve an internship for credit, teaching the internship course in your department, and overseeing your internship. Your DIC is also your first point of contact for any problems that arise during your internship.
Career Services:
Career Services is your point of contact for the forms required for the approval process, as well as for any questions about policies. Career Services is also your second point of contact for any problems that arise during your internship.
Interim Internship Coordinator: Catherine Rodriguez
617-824-8586 - catherine_rodriguez@emerson.edu
All students enrolled in an internship course must agree with the following statements:
• I agree to intern the required hours at my intern site and to fulfill my duties.
• I understand that I am not permitted to complete a credit bearing internship with an organization that is my current employer.
• I am responsible for ensuring the timely completion of the site supervisor’s midterm and final evaluations of my progress.
• I agree to the academic requirements of the course as outlined above and in the course syllabus, including attendance at all class sessions as outlined in the course syllabus.

If I do not complete the academic work for the internship course in a timely fashion, I understand that I can be suspended from my intern site until it is completed
Please refer to the terms and requirements for the internship class, and note the following:
Note: if you choose to withdraw or fail to complete assignments for the internship class, your site will be notified. Often, if a student is no longer earning credit, the internship cannot continue.
We recommend that students waive their rights under the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA) to permit the College to communicate with the Internship Site about the student’s progress. Whether or not a student waives his or her FERPA rights will have no impact on the College's decision whether to approve this program.
Note: Be sure to download a copy of each of these forms on LionHire. Log in to LionHire, then click on Resource Library on the left sidebar. These documents are located in the "Internships & Intern Fair Resources" folder.
Fall 2016
Internship Registration Deadline
September 14th

Internships Start:
September 7th -21st

Internship End Date:
December 20th (although we encourage you to finish by December 13th, the last day of classes)
Make sure to view this 9-minute video on Making the Most of your Internship:
The workshop will cover:
1. Laws & guidelines surrounding internships
2. Basic requirements for an internship for credit
3. Policies, rules, and regulations for internships for credit
4. Important Contacts
5. A video on Making the Most of Your Internship
6. How to complete the internship approval process
NOTE: If the internship is outside of MA (in another US state or abroad) let Career Services know as soon as possible as an additional process may be required to ensure that it is possible to intern for credit in this area.
Internship Registration Deadline
January 24th

Internships Start:
January 17th - 31st

Internship End Date:
May 3rd (although we encourage you to finish by April 26th, the last day of classes)
Spring 2017
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