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Cork Board and Frame

No description

Natasha Hoth

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of Cork Board and Frame

So of course you need materials they are cork board you can get tile or sticky cork board but if it is thin us two layers you will also need a wood frame and you should paint if you want it to look extra cool get buttons or other cute decorations one more thing you'll need is a hot glue gun depending on what you use on your frame. So how you begin is with cork board you can buy it with or without a frame if it comes with a frame like the one in the picture remove and decorate it then put cork board back in. Here is how you do it, and make it fun and decorated... Cork Board and Frame So if you need to find materials go to Hobby Lobby or Micheals or any craft store.To get started put out all your materials together, if you decide you want to paint your frame lay your frame on newspaper make sure to use paint that can be used on wood like acrylic.Paint your frame and let it dry check to make sure it's dry then add any decorations you really want to make sure they stick use a hot glue gun.. So after you paint make sure to let it dry then if you cork board is sticky use a thing of cardboard and stick it to the cork board if you use non-sticky tile cork board either use hot glue but if your frame has things on back to hold it in just use those .After that just grab pictures or coupons or whatever you want and pin it to the cork board you can replace with different pictures. To hang up your frame either use a nail or screw or a hanger you could also have it standing on a shelf or anywhere you want I hope you've enjoyed this presentation on how to make a cork board and designed frame.
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