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Ernest Rutherford gold foil experiment

No description

Lynne Gaunt

on 2 December 2014

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Transcript of Ernest Rutherford gold foil experiment

Ernest Rutherford
Rutherfords Greatest Location
Born in Nelson, New Zealand
Started research in 1911
Picture Nelson
Downtown Nelson
Studied the absorption of radioactivity by thin sheets of metal foil and found three components: Alpha, Beta, Omega
The Gold Foil Test
Trying to prove the plum pudding theory right, his design proved that it was mostly empty space.
Ernest Rutherford gold foil experiment
The Chemist who proved the Plum Pudding theory was wrong
His reason
To prove the plum pudding model right but
ended up proving it wrong.
Most atoms went straight through the gold foil
but he noticed some bonded back. he wanted
to prove the plum pudding right but he ended
up proving it wrong.
He noticed it so he created a new model of
the plum pudding model.
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