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Revisiting 1984

No description

Michelle Valois

on 29 August 2018

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Transcript of Revisiting 1984

Humanities Project 2018-19 Theme
Revisiting 1984
Fake News: How to Spot It; What to Do about It
With Ellen Pratt & Sue Goldstein
How Can You
Get Involved?
Take a Brochure
Take 2
Give 1 to a Friend
Attend an Event
Attend 2
Tell Your Students
Attend With Your Students
Give Extra Credit
Talk it Up
MWCC Faculty and Staff
Bringing Their
Knowledge and Expertise
to the Community
Big Brother Meets Alexa: Surveillance in 1984 and 2018
With Reed Hillman & Jim Bigelow
Sexuality and Gender in
The Handmaid’s Tale and 1984
With Shelley Errington-Nicholson & Michelle Valois
What can Orwell's 1984

teach us about

resistance and resilience;

freedom and truth;

and the responsibility of a free

press to challenge power?

Can the U.S. Constitution Save Us From 1984?
With Dan Soucy & Jim Korman
Wednesday, October 10
Gardner Library
Thursday, November 15
Winchendon Library
Thursday, February 21
Leominster Library
Thursday, April 4
Athol Library
What we must learn to do
is to create unbreakable bonds
between the sciences and the humanities.
We cannot procrastinate.
The world of the future
is in our making.
Tomorrow is now.

Eleanor Roosevelt
How much of 1984 has come true?

How much remains science fiction?
Tea Time Speaker Series Collaboration:
Panel Discussion on
Bias in the News
Monday, September 24
The Return of Martín Espada
"The Poetry of Hope
and Resistance"
Thursday, April 11
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