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Steven Dampier

on 11 November 2015

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Transcript of Midwifery.

it is under the midwife and nursing code of conduct to remain confidentiality and follow to data protection act to safeguard patients from harm. if this code of conduct and legislation is not followed then serious consequences may occur towards the patients health and wellbeing
human rights
every human has a right and to be able to maintain a healthy wellbeing. service users and staff also have the right to not be discriminated against because of their: sexuality, religion, age, culture, ethnicity etc. midwives are able to comply with the british institute of human rights which is resource for midwives developed in partnerships and with birth rights and the royal college of midwives.
what is midwifery?
midwifery is a job that helps pregnant women through their pregnancy. they also help the women deliver their babies and to support them with the after birth and any other complications with the mother or child.
midwives are protected by many legislations, some of these include The Health And Safety Act, The Data Protection Act as well as being registered on the Nurses and Midwifery council.
this comes under the security systems to be able to protect service users from others accessing them, service users leaving and to keep the babies safe under the supervision of other midwives.
abuse & how to prevent it
midwives have a certain technique to prevent any sort of abuse towards staff. they have had certain training to not cause any harm towards the patient and themselves. staff can either be verbally or physically abused by service users.
midwives are specially trained to advocate patients because when working with pregnant women going through labor they struggle to speak how they feel due to embarrassment of dignity. they are also trained to encourage and reassure patients that there is always help and not to panic when in a delicate position.
discriminatory practices
the different types of discriminatory practices are:
overt and covert abuse of power
infringement of others
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