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Sports in the Victorian Era

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Gabriel Paschall

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of Sports in the Victorian Era

Most Popular Sports
The most popular sports in Britain during the Victorian Age were soccer, rugby, boxing, rowing, horse racing, cricket, and athletics or track and field.
Before the Victorian Age sports were unorganized and not similar to the sports played today.
Victorian Soccer
Before the Victorian Age soccer was played much like rugby, with few rules and a free for all where men tried their best to injure the other players.
During the modernization of soccer, the Victorian Age, rules were put in effect. The rules created in this era are very similar to the way soccer is played now
Sports in the Victorian Era
Victorian Rugby
Rugby, before the Victorian age, was a very dangerous pastime. There were few rules and the main goal was not scoring it was hitting the other team as hard you could.
During the Victorian age an organization was founded by the nae of the RFU or the Rugby Football Union.
This organization printed rule books and sent these books to coaches and players. This modernized the sport and created the Rugby many know today
Victorian Boxing
Boxing prior to the Victorian Age was a very primitive and simple sport. Two men placed across from each other with no rules and the last man standing won.
During the Victorian age boxing progressed due to a fight by a man named Broughton. Broughton killed a man in a fight and realized that rules needed to be made to cause the sport to be more civilized and modern.
After Broughton created and published a rule book, boxing was fought with eight ounce gloves and many rules still used today
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