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Professional Development 101 PD 101

No description

Christopher Short

on 25 July 2017

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Transcript of Professional Development 101 PD 101

Professional Development 101

Bulk of Resume

Qualifications--highlight skills and qualities you can bring to the job

Accomplishments: details previous jobs

Education: most current school, licenses, and certifications
Make Your Resume Strong
Employers only look at resumes for 10 seconds
Attention grabbers
Check spelling, check spelling, check spelling!
List related experiences and skills
No fancy fonts or graphics
Be careful with formats or logos that stand out
Consider this...
This is the first impression a potential
employer has of you

What do YOU want to tell a potential

HR/Recruiter receive 100's of resumes, yours needs to stand out!

In a tough economy, there are more resumes than positions available

Send to the following email address:

Tips for Resumes
Do not exceed two pages
Ensure contact info is correct and up-to-date
Provide a PROFESSIONAL email address
Provide specific employment dates
Online profiles should match your resume
(LinkedIn, Monster, JSFirm, Indeed, etc.)
Include your most significant accomplishments.

The ultimate goal is to portray yourself as an invaluable asset to a company
Must Haves
List all applicable certifications and the highest level of education you have achieved.

Add specific software, platforms, and systems you are proficient in working with, specifically those directly related to the position you are applying

ALWAYS be accurate and sincere
When it comes to consistency, dates are one of the most common resume mistakes.

Dates are particularly important when it comes to gaps in your work experience: if you had a period of unemployment, you must explain it to avoid confusion where dates are concerned.
What does all this mean??
What is a resume?
A summary of your skills, abilities and accomplishments.

It is a "snapshot" of you

A primary tool in your job search, it needs to be carefully written and critiqued.
Don't be tempted...!!!
Don't just define, exemplify!!!
Mistakes can hurt your opportunity for an interview!

Take a look at this........
Why should I have an account?
Post your Resume...FOR FREE!

Approx 85 other sites to post your resume to...
More tips!!!

Words like
, and

It's a fancy way to detail how you answered calls and memos

Use it to say you responded to customers to show you can leverage even the most piddly experience into a diplomatic document

Helps make "busy work" jobs sound more appealing

Don't just say you compiled reports...say you generated them!

It's a proper word that shows you can make things happen
This word goes beyond what "created" can say

Use it to highlight what you did that went above and beyond

For example...did you create a new spreadsheet that helped to better organize employee training? Say you innovated it instead!

This word shows you work to improve company objectives
Today’s Job Market

• Unemployment at 5.1%
• Many jobs still in demand
• Social media playing a bigger role
– LinkedIn is the place to be for job seekers and
• Know the rules of today’s job search
– More than sending out a resume
– You are a brand
– Takes time, effort and dedication; you are the
– Networking is key
– Everything is electronic; get tech savvy

Show how you:
• Made money
• Saved money
• Saved time
• Made work easier
• Solved a problem
• Expanded business
• Attracted/retained customers

According to research, most Fortune 500 companies are looking at four things when looking at a resume. These are known as the 4 Cs.

The first one is
critical thinking
(how you can solve problems), second is
(able to perform on a team on multiple levels with impact), third is
(how articulate you are), and lastly

In other words, they are asking the following questions. Why should I care about this accomplishment? Can you do the job? Can you fit in the culture of the team or organization? How are you going to make or save the organization money?
What should go on a resume??
Graduated with a 2.47 GPA, and recieved only one associates degree in airframe technology and only one associates degree in powerplant technology.
Recieved certificate of completion of the welding course which included Ass tungsten arc welding (GTAW).
Graduated 15-Y school to become qualified to perform maintenance and re-ass the apache helicopter.
While deployed I did some really cool things and I have some really neat pictures that I will remember for a long time.
Spell check your resume!!!

ALWAYS read it yourself!!!

ALWAYS ALWAYS have someone else read it!
Under Skills Heading
Math skills: Like adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing.
You don't have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great."

Les Brown
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