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Comm--- Video Call

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Daniel Ncl

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Comm--- Video Call

Prepared By: VIDEO CALL Mobile 3G
Application VoIP Diagram Using this concept, we can see that, VoIP works very easy. From phone, to networks, to the other end phone.
But, in reality it isn't =( In reality... 1. Application FaceTime, Skype, Tango etc
2. Presentation Coding
3. Session Call Signaling methodology-SIP
4. Transport Sequencing
5. Network IP addressing
6. Data link WAN in service provider
7. Physical Cable or wireless Advantage Disadvantage
Mobile monitor
Mobile chatting Muhamad Aizat
Kamal Shariff D A W Daniel Ng Chiu Loong Muhammad Wafi
Mahanif Mohammad Shakirin
Mohd Aris S Introduction What is
Video Call? Definition also called “video chat”
“video phoning” communication between 2 people mobile commerce (m-commerce) is the technology that helps customer access their business purposes better In order to communicate between two people in real-time, video call comprises the technologies for the reception and transmission of audio-video signals by users at different location around the world. S K Y P E Skype is the first who enables any 2 individuals in the world who have access to computers to video call to each other. access customer relationship services customer can contact directly the retailer for any problems without the need to be there History perform any secure transactions In the late 1870s, the concept of video telephony was already getting popular but due to lack of related technology and the basics knowledge of it, it take nearly a half century to be discovered and permit its very earliest trials. communicate directly to banking clerks benefits are having the comfort of wherever and dont't have to queue remote monitoring is the surveillance which can be made remotely, physically from anywhere BMW in their smart car technology introduced a Palm-based remote controlling allows interaction and control of the vehicle remotely by its owner, which is an ease for every customer of BMW to determine the location of the car, remote access, enhanced UI, interactive modes and even immobilizer functions AT&T Picture phone: 1964 The Picture phone’s early promotion included public evaluation displays at Disneyland and the 1964 New York World's Fair. Lack of success due to only few units been sold AT&T concluded that its early Picture phone was a "concept looking for a market" and discontinued its 'Mod II' service in the late 1970s. examples~ The French Matra videophone: 1970 In France, the defence and electronics manufacturer Matra was one of three French companies that sought to develop videophones in the early 1970s, spurred by the Picture phone in the United States. However, the problem of this device is the delay was due to the problem of insufficient bandwidth, with 2 Mb per second being required for transmitting both video and audio signals Ericsson videophone: in the mid-1960s In Sweden electronics maker Ericsson began developing a videophone in the mid-1960s, intending to market it to government, institutions, businesses and industry, but not to consumers due to AT&T's lack of success in that market segment. Swedish Prime Minister Tage Erlanderusing an Ericsson videophone to speak with Lennart Hyland, a popular TV show host (1969) Is a visual Current Video Call
Facetime made between 2 Iphones. Currently nearly all mobile phones supporting UMTS(3G) networks and can works as videophones using only their internal cameras, video call is possible to be make within the same country or internationally. Video Call
Applications Today Facetime Skype ooVoo Tinychat Tango Fring Movicha It works on Macs and any iOS device with a forward-facing camera
Video quality is high, supporting up to 720p resolution on more recent Macs. For multiuser video chats, Tinychat is great. It’s dead simple to use,requires no login, and has a clean interface. It’s Flash-based, so it should work in most browsers and up to 12 people can join a video chat simultaneously. The basic service is free. ooVoo also provides free multiuser (up to six people simultaneously) video chat, and has clients available for Mac, PC and a wide range of mobile devices. It even allows for high-quality video calling over 3G wireless networks. And many more... is the technology that allows user to communicate with other user Video Call Apps How
Works? How video call actually works?
What are all those concepts and theories that work behind? Let's find out! First is
VoIP the basic of video call Voice over
Internet Protocol 1.You pick up the receiver
which sends a signal to the
Analog Telephone Adapter
(ATA). 2.The ATA receives the
and sends a dial tone to
you have connect
to the Internet. 3.You dial the phone
number of the party you
wish to talk to. The tones
are converted
by the ATA into
digital data. 4.The phone number data is
sent in the form of a request to
your VoIP company's call processor.
The call processor checks it to
ensure that it's in a valid format. 5. The call processor determines to whom to map
the phone number. In mapping, the phone number
is translated to an IP address.
The soft switch connects the two devices
on either end of the call. On the other end,
a signal is sent to your friend's ATA,
telling it to ask the connected phone to ring. 6.Once your friend picks up the phone, a session is established between your computer and your friend's computer. This means that each system knows to expect packets of data from the other system.
Each system must use the same protocol to communicate. The systems implement two channels, one for each direction, as part of the session. 7.You talk for a period of time. During the conversation, your system and your friend's system transmit packets back and forth when there is data to be sent.
The ATAs at each end translate these packets as they are received and convert them to the analog audio signal that you hear.
Your ATA also keeps the circuit open between
itself and your analog phone while
it forwards packets to and from
the IP host at the other end. 8.You finish talking
and hang up the receiver. 9.When you hang up,
the circuit is closed
between your phone
and the ATA. 10.The ATA sends
a signal to the soft
switch connecting
the call,
terminating the session. Mobile video call is using mVoIP.
Mobile VoIP or simply mVoIP is an extension of mobility to a Voice over IP network.
Two types of communication are generally supported: cordless/DECT/PCS protocols for short range or campus communications where all base stations are linked into the same LAN, and wider area communications using 3G/4G protocols. Video Call Disadvantage Advantage Main Advantage •Improved Communication •Faster Decision Making •Sharing Information is Easy •Improved Hiring and
Retention of Top Talent Business Advantage •Keeps Employees Connected •Monitoring the quality
process and manufacturing •Improve and Maintain
Business Relationships Video conferencing restores many visual cues necessary in long distance communication Video conferencing provides easier access to key personal. Decisions are not only made faster, but with more consensus and agreement from everyone involved at different locations. As it can also be used to transmit files and documents, it is possible to provide real-time information, that can help in solving problems. Organizations with video conferencing systems in their offices can reduce expenses and time by bringing candidates into the nearest facility and allowing interviews to be conducted both in person and over video. Video communication helps retain valuable employees who have to relocate or need to work from home a few days. Video conferencing also lets the manufacturer demonstrate its flexibility and state-of-the-art products to the clients much faster. Unlike traditional conference calls, emails or texts, a live video conference allows the participants to see facial expressions and body language; meetings become a lot more personal. in this context, it is the technology that allows users to see face-to-face with their peers it uses the same concept which is VoIP, and exactly the same steps by steps methodology Education Advantages nowadays, iOS and Blackberry OS offers their users to have an unlimited video calling with their peers who is on the same OS •Expert advices •Scientific advancements •Children's
achievements Online video conference plays an important role in providing expert advices to the children in their respective subject. *only if you are on continuous WiFi connection or unlimited data Video conferencing services can be used to update the children in the day to day advancements in science and technology around the world. Child's achievements can be presented and shared to peer students at different schools to know where they stand, what more to achieve and to set up new goals and implement new ideas shared from peer students geographically far apart. or else, Skype, Tango and others can be installed on any Smartphone, because it uses the same concept, 3G •Technical Problems •Stability of your connections •Lack of Personal Interaction •Free Systems The major disadvantages are the technical difficulties associated with smooth transmissions that could result from software, hardware or network failure. During the middle of an important session you may be disconnected at any given time and have to wait to be reconnected (unlike meeting in person). A handshake and an eye contact are essential aspects of many business meetings. Some meetings require a personal touch to be successful. Usually if you try to bypass paying for an expensive video conferencing system by using a free multipoint service, you may be limited to how many participants you can have at once. Producer FaceTime Announced by late Steve Jobs on June 7th 2010 Invented by Actiance, Inc for Apple, Inc available on all iDevice starting from iPad 2 and later devices also, improvements made on data latency and jitter later on, FaceTime HD camera was invented Skype was founded in 2003 by Janus Friis from Denmark and Niklas Zennstrom from Sweden Histories of Skype.. On 12 September 2005, eBay Inc. agreed to acquire Luxembourg-based Skype Technologies SA for approximately US$2.6 billion in up-front cash It was announced that eBay was selling 65 % of Skype for US$1.9 billion, valuing Skype at US$2.75 billion On 10 May 2011, Microsoft Corporation acquired Skype Communication for US$8.5 billion To-date, Microsoft Inc successful in bringing Skype Technologies SA into one of the popular, most voted video calling software Free to be used by all iDevices Histories.. Benefits.. On 1 September 2009 THE END In The Future Video Call could be applied in the new device called: Google Glass. Conclusion We learn about how VoIP works in video call used the same concept of 7 layers OSI defined by ITU. The concept of video call was purposed in the early 1870s but never been popular because lack of related techonology. Many applications used video call nowadays such as
m-commerce, mobile chatting, mobile monitoring etc. People nowadays should benefit the advantage of video call in their daily life. With the available of video call, faster decision making is possible for employers in their business.
Video call also helped to monitor user properties such as house and cars. The main disadvantage of video call today is lack of technology to ensure the smoothness of internet connection to achieve a stable video communication
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