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Fostering Understanding through Narratives

MeiHui Wu

on 13 March 2015

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Transcript of FUN

EL Syllabus 2010 Guidelines
The Language Learning Environment
Rich language input and stimuli from both print and non-print sources
A variety of language experiences
Non-threatening opportunities for language practice
Systematic and constructive feedback
Differentiated instruction
N(T) EL Pedagogic Framework
Do you know the framework well?

Fostering Understanding through Narratives
Check your answers!
Core Values
MOE 21st Century Competencies & Desired Student Outcomes Framework
How do we develop values in children?
According to T.N. Turner:
1. through pronouncements, rules, warnings
2. through examples and models
3. through stories with morals or lessons
4. through examining personal actions of self and others
5. through problem solving
Warming up
Using narratives
Sec 1: Geronimo Stilton
Sec 2: Totto-Chan
Sec 3: Macbeth (a graphic novel)
Sec 4: The Alchemist
What is it about?
Talks about an ideal school in Tokyo during World War II that combined learning with fun, freedom and love.
It illustrates one of Japan's most popular television personalities, Tetsuko Kuroyanagi's success in life; owing to the wonderful school and its headmaster.
Why this book?
Easy to read
Good transition from primary to secondary context
Pictures and colours increases engagement and interest
Geronimo Stilton, Secret Agent
Sec 1 N(T) EL Overview
Project 1: Creating a mini-storybook
- See Video
Project 2: Sandwich summary of Ratatouille
Sec 1 N(T) EL
Sec 2 N(T) EL
Sample Unit Plan 1 - School Walks
Sample Unit Plan 2 - Lunchtime + Sea Food and Land Food
Refer to:
Unit plan
Students' Works
Hands-on Activity
Looking at the chapter "MaSOW-chaan!", design a unit of work and list down possible activities to be conducted in a 2 N(T) class.
1. Derive a theme for the chapter

2. Decide possible activities for a(i), a(ii), (b), (c) and (d).
Use of ICT Tools
To provide opportunities for experiential learning which will equip students with basic oral communication and life skills necessary for self expression, social interaction and in meeting the potential job demands of service industries.
We-Learn Portal
Class Dojo
Google Docs
Sharing time!
Sharing is caring. :)
Any questions?
Thank you for your time!
Special thanks:
Chew Peng
6th N(T) PFG Organising Committee
The Skillful Teacher
Refer to:
Unit plan
- Keeping within time frame
- Classroom management
- Flexibility of lessons
- IT support
- Exam results: An overall improvement
Sec 1 SA1: Silver Target (2.90) MSG (3.83)
Sec 1 SA2: Silver Target (2.90) MSG (2.25)
Sec 2 SA1: Silver Target (3.18) MSG (2.91)

- Student Forum Feedback: Lessons are fun and they look forward to EL lessons
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