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Avatar - Utopia vs. Dystopia

No description

Sarah Hü

on 20 January 2017

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Transcript of Avatar - Utopia vs. Dystopia

AVATAR - Utopia vs. Dystopia
General information about the movie
Humans have consumed the natural resources of the earth and found them in the "home tree" of Pandora
toxic atmosphere in Pandora (scientists have crossed the DNA of the habitants of Pandora (Na'vi) and the people of the Earth
creation of Avatars mind-controlled
Jake -> chosen for controlling one of the Avatars (mission: preparation settlement of Pandora)
conflict: mission love
Direction, Production, Writing:
James Cameron
Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Stephen Lang, Michelle Rodriguez, Sigourney Weaver

Pandora: utopian planet
Planet: supernaturally, unrealistic elements
peaceful, nature bounded
responsible for the protection of their planet
perfect conditions of life
harmony with nature
corporate group represents the dystopian world intention: destroy the planet only for own advantages
earth / corporate group: evil, terroristic, egoistic
greek: εὖ = good / well, τόπος = place
eutopos = good place, ou-topos = no place
place of happiness and perfection
region that does not exist anywhere

presents the perfect society
δυσ = bad, hard, τόπος = place
projects current negative tendencies in society and politics into the future
meant as a warning

negative imaginary world
function of the movie: warning
viewers should think about their attitude towards nature

corporate group represents the evilness and egoism of the human society

Although the contrast between the "two worlds" is massive, the movie is authentic and transferable to our real society
Thank you for your attention!

Do you have any questions?
Thank you for your attention!

Do you have any questions?



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