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OCULA 2013: Librarians on YouTube

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Dan Sich

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of OCULA 2013: Librarians on YouTube

Librarians on Objective:
eLearning: Western Libraries' Strategic Plan, student prefs
engaging: visual + auditory is more effective; humorous
workload: finding efficiencies in approach to instruction, reducing instances of excessive repetition Who? How? Marketing: Next steps: Jamie Goodfellow jgoodfe5@uwo.ca, Dan Sich dsich2@uwo.ca, Nazi Torabi ntorabi@uwo.ca Feedback/Assessment: Best practices (evolving): teach the IL skills using online video tutorials Why? various library groups: Weldon, Taylor, Western Libraries
collaboration with ITRC http://www.itrc.uwo.ca/ drawings: pencil + Sharpies + Photoshop (colour)
audio: GarageBand + Apogee MiC, or Camtasia
screen activity: Camtasia or ScreenFlow
production: Camtasia or Adobe After Effects
mounting: YouTube & Library website What? topics include common library instruction themes such as:
Evaluating Sources
How to Read a Scholarly Article
Finding a Known Citation
Introduction to Literature Reviews
Picking a Right Database
Getting a Full Text of Journal Article
taught concepts, not tools, when possible
tools/interfaces change (requiring updating)
teaches transferable skills YouTube; library website, news, course pages, instruction sessions; reference interview library staff screening party (for DB Weldon Library videos)
online student survey (for Taylor Library videos)
total views of all Taylor Library videos over a one year period: 4,290 brevity: 2 minutes (or less)
when teaching specific tools, don't spend a lot of time on polish
minimize or avoid the use of music; no music during narration continue to create new videos
make improvements in future videos, based on feedback/assessment
conduct literature review re. pedagogy, effectiveness, assessment
Western Libraries wide coordination, to avoid duplication of effort Lindsey Bannister, Lise Doucette, Ania Dymarz, Robin Featherstone, Bruce Fyfe, Jamie Goodfellow, Maren Goodman, Sue Larke, Miriam Leslie, Bridget Morant, Christy Sich, Dan Sich, Marg Sloan, Meagan Stanley, Nazi Torabi, Qinqin Zhang.

Special thanks to ITRC team: David Arromba, Aaron Shyr, Merran Neville. Video creators http://www.youtube.com/course?list=ECBC826C3769B18E1F vs Methods of finding Taylor videos
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