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Acid Rain and The Water Cycle

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Jenna Rorem

on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of Acid Rain and The Water Cycle

How do we solve these problems?
cars can reduce their emissions
clean smoke stacks by using scrubbers
Where is acid rain most common in the U.S.?
The eastern region
New York
Other busy cities that burn coal and give off different chemicals and poison pollution
The affects on humans?
Looks, feels, tastes exactly like normal, clean rain
Indirect affect (swimming or walking in acid rain is no more dangerous than in clean rain
Acid Rain and The Water Cycle
How does acid rain affect the food web?
pollutants affect clean rain
rain helps plants grow but with chemicals the plants are affected
animals eat the plants and are impacted
acid eats into the metal and stone
damages stained plastics/glass
How does it affect the climate?
when warmer-affects human health
leads to more hurricanes and flooding which get us sick with diseases
By Jenna Rorem, Katie greutman, and Ashlyn Fluitt
What is acid rain?
acid rain~rainfall made acidic by atmospheric pollution and it causes environmental harm, typically to forests and lakes. The main cause is the industrial burning of coal and other fossil fuels, the waste gases that contain sulfur and nitrogen oxides, which mix with atmospheric water to form acids.
How is acid rain formed?
chemical reaction that begins when compounds such as sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides are let into the air
these substances can rise extremely high into the atmosphere, where they will combine with water, oxygen, and other chemicals
once they mix, they form more acidic pollutants, known by the name of acid rain
How does acid rain affect animals?
It mostly effects aquatic animals
Kills fish
This affects the whole food chain
Also affects the water that the fish and other aquatic animals live in
Effects on the environment?
The most obvious effect would have to be the loss of fish.

Many species of fish cannot survive because the acid rain mixes and goes into the bodies of water
When did acid rain become a problem?
Acid rain became a problem in the 1960's when the black forest was impacted by it.
What is the effect on soil?
soil is important to the ecosystem
when rain falls as acid rain, it affects the soil chemistry
damage to the ecosystem is caused by the changes in soil chemistry
It can/will affect the growth of plants and what their function is.
Where do the gases that form acid rain come from?
Burning fuels
car exhaust
truck exhaust
power stations
How bad is acid rain?
affects trees, lakes, buildings, and farmland
Does not have to be too acidic to affect the environment
How does acid rain affect buildings?
softer building materials are impacted more
How do we measure acid rain?
pH scale
clean rainwater has a pH of 5.6
acidic rainwater has a pH of around 4
pH 4 is 30 times more acidic than pH 5.6
What is the water cycle?
A process where water evaporates or transpiration happens and then condenses. That water comes back to earth as precipitation.
How does acid rain affect the water cycle?
acidic rain falls
absorbs into soil, water, and plants
evaporates or transpires back to the clouds causing more acid rain
Thank you to: Ms. Shanti Berryman, Mr. Paul Mauermann, Mr. Chris Nodelski, Ms. Linda Kinane, Mr. Shannon Massey, Mrs. Diane Nihart, Mr. Vince Case, and Mr. Steven Henley.
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