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Paper: English Presentation

Island Voices: SL English A Lit

Ruru (Juan Ru) Hoong

on 2 March 2013

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Transcript of Paper: English Presentation

Paper by Catherine Lim: A Literary Commentary Ulysses Kee, Sara Jumabhoy, and Ruru Hoong Paper The Symbol of Paper Symbol of Paper Symbol of Paper 'Tay Soon both laughed
and cursed- cursed that he had
failed to buy a share at nine dollars
which a few days later had hit seventeen!' ' [...] to the shape of the swimming pool. Kidney.
He rather liked the shape.' Tay Soon First line of the story sets the scene
Triplets & repetition: compounded effect
Progressive nature
Simile comparing him to an opium addict
Pejorative connotations Detailed description: clearly obsessed
Sounds queer; aberrant
Almost farcical
Reniform shaped the appropriate term: not exactly well educated, less privileged background
Reflects absurdity of his dreams Temperamental
Juxtaposition of laughed and cursed
His fluctuating mood already indicating his volatility and descent into madness The symbol throughout the passage of Paper is the ephemerality of material gains.
‘paper gains’
Makes Tay Soon sound like a wealthy man in the condescending sentence: "After all, it’s just paper gains so far...”
Paper means 'little' in this particular phrase, indicating that Tay Soon has expectations that his earnings will far exceed what he has earned thus far The Chinese traditionally burn paper items so that the deceased has the burnt items in the afterlife
Tay Soon's mother builds him his dream house out of the ‘superior paper’ so he will finally has his dream house in the afterlife
The symbol of paper here is to act as a form of good to transfer to the afterlife for Tay Soon to use
Ephemerality of material goods
Illustrated by burning of costly paper to 'send' house to Tay Soon
Material goods are shortlived because it all just becomes a 'heap of ashes' 'Superior' Paper
Adjective of superior to describe the paper as 'stronger' and yet when met with fire it still 'burned brilliantly and in three minutes was a heap of ashes on the grave'
Connotes the short lived life of the paper- it is just a piece of material; something physical that is liable to disappear: like Tay Soon's dream house
Once again demonstrates ephemerality of material gains and brings across message that they should not be in the center of our lives
Greater things at stake: eg. family
Greed is a bottomless pit, which exhausts the person in an endless effort, without ever reaching satisfaction. -Erich Fromm His dream of an opulent house
Obsessive, avaricious, and rather temperamental
Unpleasant impression 'He wanted it,
he dreamed of it,
he hankered after it,
as an addict after his opiate. "Holachina.blog." The Opium War. N.p., n.d. Web. 15 Feb. 2013. "Gippsland Custom Pools." Gippsland Custom Pools. N.p., n.d. Web. 15 Feb. 2013. 'Worthless!' exploded Tay Soon.
'Do you know, Mother, if I sold all my
shares today, I would have the money to
buy fifty terrace houses like the one you have?' He wept like a child [...] the
pain bit into his very mind and soul,
so that he was like a madman' Short-tempered and irascible
Marks of an addict
Impudent and brazen towards his mother
Exclamation mark
Question: why didn't he?
Obstinate; obsessed 'Child': helpless, unable to fend for himself
Greed has rendered him incapable and vulnerable
Typically invokes a sense of pathos
But it was self-inflicted; negate effect
Simile: 'like a madman': two definitions
Mentally ill
Unable to live life normally
Incredibly foolish or reckless person
He was both
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