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How traffic lights changed our lives...

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Janie Lalonde

on 11 December 2014

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Transcript of How traffic lights changed our lives...

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Today I'm going to tell you more about traffic lights. You're probably wondering why I chose this topic ? Well, it is essential to a very crowded city. If streets didn't have traffic lights... our world would be dysfunctional !
Traffic lights were invented by a man, named J. P. Knight on December 10th 1868. The first one was a gas lit light. The first traffic light was installed in front of the British Houses of Parliament in London. The first electric light was only created in 1912 ! They were working with only red and green lights !
First things first...
There's many positive effects of the traffic lights ! Here's some :
Positive effects
The history of traffic lights
It was created to manage traffic in many cities, obviously, and as you just probably learned : the first traffic light was installed in London, one of the most populated cities in the world. This invention maintain the good functioning of the city. Imagine New York without traffic lights...
Why was it created ?
How did this invention changed our lives ?
How traffic lights
changed our lives...
You can also see the Big Ben.
Much less accidents by cause of stopping at traffic lights.
Cities are more functional because circulation is manage by a way much more better.
Negative effects
In my opinion, there's not much of negative effects but I'll show you one.
Some people are less patient than others, so some people won't wait at the light and they'll just go on the red light and cause an accident.
The process at traffic lights is also really simple : green = go / yellow = slow down / red = stop.
Interesting facts...
Did you know that the first traffic light was invented before cars and electricity, and they used to explode because they were working with gas ?
I think that traffic lights has brought us a lot of things, like more security, a more controlled city and much more ! These days, traffic lights are essentials !
Google Images (pictures)
The traffic lights changed our lives because if cities like Ottawa, Toronto or even Hawkesbury didn't have traffic lights, accidents would be very frequently !
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