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Tomorrow, When the War Began Timeline

A timeline the novel "Tomorrow, When the War Began"

Alexander Nakos

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of Tomorrow, When the War Began Timeline

Alexander Nakos 8C Tomorrow, When the War Began Gathering the Party to "Go Bush" Aftermath A group of 8 get organized and prepared to go to Hell. Hell is a place in the open outback which is virtually unexplored, ideal for their hiking needs. First they have to get their parents permission to go, and pack essential items they will need such as food, water, clothes etc. They are determined to find out what has happened in the showgrounds. The answers to the mysterious events could be in the showgrounds, the center of the town. They split up in small groups to try and work out what exactly has happened. Showgrounds They adventure back to Hell during the night stealthily so they remain undetected. They reach the clearing traveling through Satan's Steps again and prepare to make themselves at home. The supplies they will need for operation Guerrilla Gathering Equipment The story ends Off to hell They drive to Hell in the Land Rover. They arrive at a clearing just near Satan's steps and admire the steep steps they can see in the distance. Satan's Steps Going through Satan's Steps is a energy draining journey. The hot sun is on your back constantly and it is a long and steep journey Reaching the Clearing This is what they were aiming for, a clearing to camp at. They also looked around for traces of the Hermit. The Hermit is a character who supposedly lives in Hell, if his existence is true or not is unknown. A night to remember While they were sleeping a few were awoken by the sounds of unidentified flying jets. These were suspicious as they were flying at night without lights on. Their mystery will be later revealed. Empty houses After the suspicious jets, they decide to go back home via Satan's Steps. They drive back down to Ellie's house and find that no one has being at home for a while. They also discover that there are dead dogs on arrival. Something is up and it has to do with those mysterious jets. More mysterious information They try to find out what is happening. They go to a few other homes and find that there is still no sign of life. That is until they stumble into the message left behind which warns them that something terrible has happened and they should immediately return back to home. Robin and Lee disappear When they split up to find out what has happened, Robin and Lee disappear and the others are forced to go on without them. Later on they will try and search for them. Bullet Holes As they were split up in groups, Corrie gets shot in the leg. They are forced to hide and wait for a suitable time to get back to the group. This greatly impacts them as their mobility and stealthiness amongst the soldiers is limited. Loud Trucks As they are trying to find a secure and safe place to hide. They have limited mobility as Corrie has been shot in the leg. They are forced to travel in a loud truck and hide Corrie in the shovel of the truck and only hope was there to project from further enemy fire. The loud and noisy truck draws attention and is a dangerous and risky decision. Re group They return as a group and start to plan ahead. They decide that they should go to Hell and try to live there until things have returned to normal. Returning to Hell The Hermit's Lair Ellie wonders upstream while the others are gathering supplies to grow crops as they need to consider the fact they may be forced to stay in Hell for a long time, possibly a few months. Ellie goes upstream and finds a hut. Ellie walks in and finds out its the Hermit's lair, the thing they have been searching for throughout Hell. Ellie keeps this a secret before revealing this to the rest of the group later on. Guerrilla Operation Guerrilla is a plan to try and save the hostages at the showground. In order to to do this they must distract the guards. First off they will need a car to explode under the bridge. They also need weapons just in case they come into an engagement with any soldiers. They will need oil to set the car on fire (just like they did with the lawnmower) and a pair of matches. Preparation They need to set themselves up for the attack. The truck is placed under the bridge. An oil track is made and the cattle are in place. Operation Guerrilla is under away. Blowing up the bridge Everyone is ready, the cattle run loose confusing the guards and the guard towers. The oil track is set on fire and in a few seconds a fire ball explosion can be seen all the way from the top of Hell full of heat and light. The bridge is exploded and the guards are completely confused. It was a success. The bridge is blown up and trucks will have to find an alternate route to get into the showground. The hostages in the showground are apparently in good condition. The group of eight meet up and celebrate in Hell.
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