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Jaclyn Manning-lifecycle of a butterfly

No description

jaclyn manning

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Jaclyn Manning-lifecycle of a butterfly

The Lifecycle of a butterfly Step One Tiny eggs are laid by the female on a leaf.Around 5 days later a worm-like creature will emerge. Step Two This worm-like creature, is called a caterpillar. During this stage, the caterpillar gains its primary growth and eating stages. Step Three The caterpillar then forms a chrysalis and enters the transformation stage. During this time the caterpillar tissues' are broken down and the adult insect stucture is formed. The chrysalis of most speciecs is brown or green, helping the caterpillar blend in with their environment. Step Four The adult after the transformation stage, emerges from the chrysalis. Step Five The butterfly has completely appeared from the chrysalis. The chrysalis skin splits, the limp damp butterfly crawls out The insect is now complete with compound eyes and six legs. The wings will start to expand while blood is pumped through them. With a litte warming from the sun, the butterfly is ready to take flight to eat, mate, and lay eggs the cycle starts all over again Butterfly Facts: There are about 115,00 different
species of moths and butterflies. Female butterflies are often larger
than males Butterflies taste with their feet After emerging from the chrysalis
a butterfly can live on average between
2-14 days Butterflies feed on flower nectar and pollen THE END
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