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Finding the Area of Right Triangles

No description

Ty Kruger

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Finding the Area of Right Triangles

Area of a Right Triangle Right Triangle A=1/2(bh) Base Height Why not just Base x Height? Height Base Because
Base x Height
is the area of a rectangular or square region. So where does the 1/2 come from? Think about it like this: First take a rectangle Then draw a line from corner to corner Now the rectangle is cut in half What else do you notice about the rectangle? The rectangle is now made up of two right triangles. So that means a square or rectangle are always made up of two right triangles Which means that 2 right triangles make up one rectangle or 1 right triangle makes up 1/2 of a rectangle.
That is where the 1/2 in the equation for the area of a triangle comes from. 1/2 1/2 + = 1 Now try an example.
A) Identify both the base and the height of this right triangle.
B) What is the area of it? 3in 2in 3in 2in Base b = 2in 3in 2in Height h = 3in Area of a right triangle = 1/2 x (Base x Height)

Base = 2in Height = 3in

A = 1/2 x (2 x 3) A = 1/2 x (6)

A = 3 square units

A = 3 square inches
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