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Ella Mae Lentz

ASL 3 project

Meg Strittle

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of Ella Mae Lentz

The Story of
Ella Mae Lentz Written by: Lexis Roberts
and Megan Stromness One day in the 1950’s, there
was this little girl born in Berkeley,
California. She was named Ella Mae
Lentz, by her mother and father
that were both deaf. When she got older she decided to
go to school at Gallaudet University
where she then graduated from with
her degree. Then went to the California
School for the Deaf and graduated
from there in 1971. Ella Mae Lentz She then went to work for some time at the Northeastern University at Dr. Harlan Lane’s newly-established ASL research lab. Where she really found
herself was teaching
ASL for In her spare
time she would
also play lead roles
and became a
very famous deaf
actress. Ella and her partner, Judy Gough, have five children, five dogs(two of which are deaf), five cats, and don't forget the 2 llamas. The founder of ASL Presents and is the owner.
She is also a board member of the Deafhood Foundation, Deaf Bilingual Coalition, and the DCARA.
The End The heart of her career is what? ASL teaching, has 30 plus years of
at places such as Gallaudet University, Northeastern University, Ohlone College (in Fremont... Sources for Information and Pictures: Lentz, E. (2011, December). Ella. Retrieved from http://www.ellasflashlight.com/
Lentz, E. (2010). American sign language presents. Retrieved from http://www.aslpresents.com/ella.html
Art drop. (2010, September). Retrieved from http://artdrop.democratandchronicle.com/content/ella-mae-lentz
Linkedin. (2011). Retrieved from http://www.linkedin.com/pub/ella-mae-lentz/18/4a3/311
Carroll, N. (2006). What is deafhood?. Retrieved from http://www.deafhoodfoundation.org/Deafhood/Home.html
Biography: Ella mae lentz. (n.d.). Retrieved from http://www.sandiegoaslta.org/events/bios/ella.html years. She grew up with her deaf
brother and parents, while
the rest of her family was
hearing. She had many trials,
but she was strong and never
gave up hope in the things
she believed. In 1975, she received
dual bachelor's
degress in both

and Some of her work includes the Signing Naturally Curriculum Series which affects students at Riverton High School who
use these books
at school.
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