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Copy of Welcome - Spring Cove Middle School Students

No description

Candace Claar

on 28 July 2016

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Transcript of Copy of Welcome - Spring Cove Middle School Students

Corridor Traffic
Student Planners
Bus - Transportation
Welcome - SCMS Students, Parents, & Guests
educational tool
financial responsibility
personal use only
actual Chromebook (may NOT personalize)
sleeves (may personalize)
Outside Food & Drinks
food allergies
after-school per team
after-school per office
lunch detention
In-School Suspension
Out-of-School Suspension
Dress Code
no pajamas
must be removed for physical education classes
no yoga pants or leggings
undergarments not visible
no holes from knee up
shorts/skirts - below fingertips in a standing position
tops - no spaghetti straps or see-through mesh, 2 finger, low cut
gym uniform for physical education class (R.S. Dept. Store)
Will be asked to change inappropriate attire. Repeated disregard is viewed as insubordination (1-day suspension minimum).
Cell Phones/Other Electronic Devices
Cell phones (not permitted at any time during day)
iPads, Kindles, etc. (instructional use per teacher)
unexcused on attendance record if no excuse
leaving early for doctor's appointment requires doctor's excuse when returning next day
over 10 days (doctor's excuse needed)
take excuse to office
3 unexcused absences (fine)
minutes tardy count towards unexcused
please read through policy on website and handbook
walk on the right hand side
record assignments
no homework - record class activities
same as hall pass
lose one - must purchase another

make sure child knows bus #
cameras on bus
lose bus privileges
note to ride another bus

Health Services/Medication Policy
cough drops
brought to nurses office
appropriate form
signed planner to go to nurse
not in between periods
4 Basic Middle School Rules
1. Students will exhibit courteous behavior and respect the rights and property of others.
2. Students will arrive on time and be prepared to start class with the teacher.
3. Students will arrive with appropriate materials and completed assignments.
4. Students will complete all assignments on time and to the best of their ability.
Morning & Afternoon Procedures

after 7:15 a.m.
pick up at 2:33 p.m.
cafeteria - breakfast
Mrs. Marlene Horton
Introduction of Teachers
Food Services
Bob Shope
Director of Food Services
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