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How To Solve A Problem

No description

Michael Cohen

on 27 August 2013

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Transcript of How To Solve A Problem

How To Solve A Problem
I have been hired to re-design the student lockers at a large public high school. What PROCESS would I use to tackle this project?
I know why I would need a locker, but what about the other individuals? To best address the problem, I need to understand my different users' needs and what are the deficiencies in the current system that warrant a change in the first place.
Now, it is time to get the creative juices flowing. The only bad idea is one that isn't tried. Coming up with multiple methods to solving the problem will yield the greatest results. This is potentially the most difficult part of the process.
They aren't pretty, but they arent supposed to be. The Prototypes will reveal strengths and weaknesses in each possible solution, and the hope is that one can take the best from each prototype and create one solution from them all.
Now that I have connected to the users, what is the challenge of the current lockers?
I cannot lose sight of the
connection to the users as
the solution to the problem
is for them, not for myself.
Test, and test again. Some are epic fails, some show potential but together they can reveal the hidden potential to solve the problem.
This point more then ever, we must reflect back to the empathy that got us here in the first place.
With Design Thinking
Michael Cohen : @TheTechRabbi : #DTActionLab
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