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Comanche Rite of Passage & Cultural Celebration

Comanche rite of passage & cultural celebration

Donna Branum

on 6 January 2013

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Transcript of Comanche Rite of Passage & Cultural Celebration

Rite of Passages &
Cultural Celebrations Comanche Indians Indian Introduction First Hunt Names Sources The Comanche are a tribe of Native Americans who
roam the Southwestern region of America. They are
famous mainly for fighting, hunting and riding on
horseback. The Native Americans have hundreds
of rituals, cultural celebrations and rites of passage.
I am going to tell you about a Coming of Age
ceremony and a public naming ceremony for
the Comanche. Naming Ceremony After the name for the baby is chosen, they begin the ceremony. It starts off with the Chief or Medicine Man holding up the baby to the North at dawn and shouting the baby's name into the wind they repeat this to the four directions. then finnaly the Chief or Medicine Man pours water over the baby, and the baby is in a casket called a cradle board weaved from grasses by the mother. Vision Quest At the age of thirteen or fourteen every male Comanche Indian starts their Coming of Age ceremony. A Comanche
Coming of Age ceremony takes several years to train and
prepare for. First the young indian must pass his First Hunt. They must kill their first buffalo on their own. If they pass they are rewarded a great feast of the buffalo they caught, but if they failed they would have to try again in a few months. They hunted the buffalo by stalking in tall grasses, and throwing spears at the sides of the buffalo. To all Native Americans the buffalo is the main food source so they almost always depend on the hunters for food. Native American names change throughout their
lives, but they always have the name given to them by their parents. If the baby is a boy then it is usually named after the grandfather or some other male relative on the fathers side . If the baby is a girl then it is usually named after any female relative, either the fathers side or the mothers side. Sometimes the parents choose the name, but often the name is chosen by the Medicine Man or Chief. Dad
Comanche Wikipedia
Indians of the Southwest by Karen Liptak There are two parts to a Comanche Coming of Age
ceremony. The first one is the First Hunt. The second one, and the more important one, is the Vision Quest. The Vision Quest takes place when the young indian is fifteen or sixteen. They take enough food and water to survive for three to four days in the wilderness on their own. They also take a horse and a bow with arrows to hunt with. The point of the Vision Quest is for the young Native American to search inside himself and try to find his true responsibility, purpose, and power. The Comanche and many other tribes take the Vision Quest very seriously. Thank you! By: Dylan
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