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Ancient Aliens

No description

jason Cruz

on 11 February 2015

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Transcript of Ancient Aliens

Truth: Puma Punku
Based on the evidence I have found, the ancient aliens theory has been proved non-credible. They are are now found unreliable and twisting facts around to turn the favor towards extra terrestrial visitation.
Precisions Work and Megalithic Construction
Based on the ancient aliens theory, there must have been extraterrestrial visitation due to the size, shaping and forming together for such a project as the pyramids and the stone carvings at puma punku
Ancient Aliens Thesis
Ancient Aliens
The course of human civilization has been influenced by extra-terrestrial visitors

The evidence that the ancient aliens series gives us is the puzzling construction of the great pyramids. How the pyramids blocks were shaped and moved, as well as how the stones at puma punku were formed shaped, and moved as well.
Why would extra terrestrials visit?
Claims with Puma Punku
Starting with puma punku, the series claims that the stones at the site are granite and diorite.

The series leads on the fact that we needed power tools with diamond tips

Stones weighing 800 tons, therefore levitation is required

Civilization had no language or alphabet so how could they manage to build

The stones used at puma punku are actually red sandstone and andesite. These rocks are far more softer and can be more easily shaped as supposed to a granite or diorite rock

In these stones there are actual slots that where ropes were evidently used to carry these blocks

Civilizations had no alphabet but hieroglyphics could have easily been their way of language so that could have been used as a plan for construction
Truth: Puma Punku
How they flattened out the stones perfectly at puma punku was the smashing of a harder stone against the sandstone or andesite block they were working on which formed a shape of what they desired then filed it down with putting sand on the surface and rubbing it in with another rock
Claims: Pyramids
Blocks are too huge for regular man power to lift and move them

It was impossible for early civilization to cut such huge granite stones

Pyramids are built perfectly, therefore we needed some type of extraterrestrial method for building, we were not that advanced to build such a thing

Truth: Pyramid
The pyramids to start off with was mainly made of sandstone and limestone, so it wasn't too hard to cut as the ancient alien people would say

Blocks were cut by placing sand on the block and using saws hard enough to support the sand cutting the stone

However, the strongest theory of how the pyramids were built is French architect Jean Pierre's.
John Pierre's theory
Explanation For Theory
The main part of Jean Pierre's theory was the thought of using the grand gallery as construction of the pyramid, as shown in the picture below. At the counter weight there are slots fit for wood railing and grease leftover to support the movement of the cradle, all satisfying evidence for his theory.
A French team, years before Jean Pierre came up with his theory, found evidence of a internal spiral construction. Jean Pierre then came up with the theory that there was notches every turn in the pyramid where a block would be delivered throughout the internal ramp. There is more evidence to his theory when he talks of the grand gallery use. The picture at the top left shows the before and after shot at the very end of the grand gallery and this picture supports that a beam has supported the grand gallery theory
Are the people who support ancient aliens thesis credible?
Giorgio A. Tsoukalos- guy with crazy hair is a producer of the show and has a bachelors degree in sports information and communication, no experience whatsoever in the subject of extraterrestrials

Erich von Däniken- known for controversial biased claim for extraterrestrial visitation, ancient aliens are based of his books
Any puzzling questions that cant be proven wrong?
Was the Evidence the had credible?
The series evidence supported by the cast were pretty much lies and outlandish claims. Lying about how big and material of rock the ancients were using. How that the egyptians absolutely needed diamond tipped drills is a lie. Finally not considering all the possibilities. Just assuming that it was extraterrestrials in the end who did it.
The pyramid is an architectural marvel and building would have to require extreme precision.

The blocks are still incredible sizes for us humans to handle.

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