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Team Supersonic !!!!!!

No description

Peter Caroline

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of Team Supersonic !!!!!!

Supersonic Enzymes Introduction In a collaboration with Novozymes of North America, Biology students at Franklin County Early College High School participated in an experiment. This experiment was conducted to determine what enzymes were applied to detergents. + = Objectives Introduce project
Define enzymes
Explain experiment
Explain observations
Quiz What is An Enzyme Before we discuss how we used enzymes in our project, we first have to explain what an enzyme is. We asked staff and students at Franklin County Early College High School for help. By: Karene Anderson
Kyler Folmar
Paul Caroline
Peter Caroline
Sean Griffith So basically, enzymes are proteins that act as catalysts to control biochemical reactions. They break down substances. The substances being broken down are called substrates. Conclusion In conclusion, we determined that:
Detergent A contained proteases; enzymes that breaks down proteins and peptides (linked amino acids). It best washed the meat, grass, milk, egg, and blood stains.
Detergent B contained amylases; enzymes that break down starch and simple sugars. It best washed the potato, rice, and starch on cotton stains.
Detergent C contained mannanases; enzymes that breaks down polysaccharide materials (complex carbohydrates). It best washed the makeup, cocoa, and salad dressing stains.
Detergent D contained proteases, amylases, and mannanases.
Detergent E contained no enzymes. Quiz What is an enzyme?

What is a substrate?

What type of substrate does an protease break down?

What did the blood swatch smell like?

What enzymes were used in the detergents? A protein that breaks things down and speeds up chemical reactions. The thing being broken down. Peptides and other proteins. Now we're going to quiz you; I hope you were paying attention. Procedure The first thing we did was make stains to go into the wash with different detergents
We made new swatches and labeled them according to wash # and stain; for our homemade stains.
The 3 stains we made were egg, grass, and potato starch stains Egg To make the egg stain, we:

cracked 36 eggs into the blender
added 10g of ink and 10g of surfactant
blended for 5 minutes
divided the solution amongst other groups
submerged our swatches in the solution for 15 minutes
rolled out the swatches to remove excess solution
hung the swatches to dry Grass To make the grass stain we:
Picked 1kg of grass
Washed the grass
Cut the grass into sections no bigger than 1 inch
Added 200g of grass and 200mL in the blender and mixed for 3 minutes
Repeated the previous step 4 more times
Strained liquid into a tub
Submerged swatches in solution for 10 minutes
Rolled out the swatches to remove excess solution
Hung the swatches to dry Potato Starch To make the starch stain, we:

stirred 100mL of distilled water into 50g of potato starch
while stirring, heated up the mixture to 90 C until starch was dissolved
added a mixture of 450mL of water, 3.2g of ink, and 100mL ethanol to the original mix
added more water to make the final product 1600g
stirred the mixture for 10 minutes
submerged our swatches in the solution for 15 minutes
rolled out the swatches to remove excess solution
hung the swatches to dry
repeated the last 3 steps 2 more times The Wash To wash the swatches, we:

Put 10L of 30 C tap water in the miniwasher
Added 10g of detergent to the wash
Turned on the miniwasher for 3 minutes
Added the homemade swatches and the 8 swatches given
Turned on miniwasher for 15 minutes
Hung washed swatches out to dry
Repeated for each detergent o The following PowerPoint explains our observations Dog Food Proteases, amylases, and mannanases o What we learned We learned a lot from this assignment. For example:
We learned about enzymes
We learned about what Novozymes did
We learned that you can get out of class by doing science experiments
We learned the functions of enzymes
We learned what a surfactant is ? Brandon Pitman Student Mr. Wilkins Teacher Stain
Minced Meat
Blood, Milk, Ink
Rice Starch
Starch on Cotton
Potato Starch
Makeup on Cotton
Cocoa on Cotton
Salad Dressing Detergent That Removed Stain A D
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